Camryn Bynum Parents Dave and Jennifer Bynum Have Filipino Roots

Camryn Bynum was born to parents Curtis Bynum and Jennifer Bynum. Camryn Bynum mother is Filipino while his dad is American.

The Minnesota Vikings player Camryn was the hero Sunday night as he made the game-clinching interception. The 24-year-old draped the Philippines flag on his shoulder as he waved to the fans in the end zone. 

But those who know Camryn also know that safety is already a significant hero in the Philippines. Earlier this year, with his mother, Camryn visited the island nation to provide aid to the people affected by the typhoon.

Described as generous and down-to-earth, Camryn believes that representation matters. Though he might have been raised in the Bay area, the Vikings player has never failed to show how much he cares about his Filipino roots.

Camryn Bynum Parents

Camryn Bynum parents Curtis and Jennifer Bynum raised him in Corona, California. Camryn was brought up alongside his four siblings.

Though Camryn might have been raised in the Golden State, he holds great affection for the Philipino culture, which he gets from his mom’s side. 

Camryn and his mother, Jennifer, a third-generation Filipino-American, are proud of their roots. She even invited over 200 people to one of his games in 2021.

Camryn Bynum shared photo of his mother Jennifer Bynum in 2018 on the occasion of Mother's Day
Source : twitter

In an interview, Jennifer said just holding the Philippines flag made her swell with pride. She grew up in a traditional Philipino family with her 13 uncles and aunts. 

Some are settled in Hawaii, some in New York, and some are back in the Philippines. For Jennifer, it meant a lot to have all of them cheering for her son in Levi’s Stadium in 2021 with their flags hoisted up in the air certainly made Jennifer proud.

Camryn Bynum pictured with his family in the Levi's Stadium in 2021 in his homecoming in San Francisco
Source : instagram

But would Camryn ever have the opportunity to represent his culture in the NFL if it weren’t for his father’s continuous support? We certainly don’t think so.

Curtis would put his son through tough workout sessions and not only help him develop not only physically but mentally as well. The safety of Viking had to push himself harder compared to others as he was called out for being relatively small sized.

Curtis again got the opportunity to represent his Filipino culture on Sunday night when he made the game-clinching interception against the Jets. The 24-year-old draped his shoulders with the flag of the Philippines as he gave his post-match interview.

Camryn Bynum Love For His Filipino Roots

Camryn Bynum has always shown his love for his Filipino roots. After all, he is one of the few Filipino players in the NFL, making it all more important. 

There are many people, who are all talk, but no action, when it comes to talking about their culture and representation. But don’t confuse Camryn with one of them. 

Camryn family were present at the Levi's stadium in 2021 as Vikings went against San Francisco 49ers
Source : instagram

Earlier this year, Camryn visited the Philippines to help the people affected by typhoon Megi, which destroyed the island of Leyte. He shared several photos of his travel on his Instagram handle.

Camryn has a close relationship with the island as it is the hometown of his late great-grandmother. After reaching Leyte, Camryn shared a video of him vibing with the group of locals and shared the fun video with his 30k followers.

Later, Camryn also announced that he was donating 5k to CareOrg, which was helping the community affected by the typhoon. His humbleness and kindness certainly would have inspired many young kids who look up to him in his hometown. 

Camryn Bynum travelled with his family to the Philippines to aid the victims of the typhoon earlier this year in July
Source : instagram

The NFL player is part of the organization’s My Cause My Cleats campaign and wore his customized cleats against the Jets on Sunday night. The campaign allows the player to support the organization of their choice to make a positive impact on society. 

In a video, Camryn explained the design behind his cleats, which have Keys To Freedom Ministries written on them. The shoes have designs of music notes and a karaoke machine that represents his Philipino roots.

Camryn Bynum Brother Is A Former Football Player

Camryn Bynum brother C.J. Bynum is a former football player and played at Lindenwood University. The Vikings player has one younger brother and two sisters.

Though two brothers might have started in the same field, C.J. has developed an interest in a field different from football.

1. C.J. Bynum

C.J. Bynum the older brother of Camryn Bynum is a former player of Lindenwood University
Source : lindenwoodlions

The oldest of five, C.J. Bynum, played in the offensive line at Lindenwood University. During high school, C.J. successfully led his team to three conference Champion trophies. 

C.J. is available on Twitter with the username @cbyn43 and regularly shares his younger brother’s videos on his page. Unlike his brother, C.J. didn’t pursue football after college, but nowadays, it looks like he is more interested in dirt bike riding.

2. Cierra Bynum

Cierra Bynum, the older sister of Camryn Bynum looks stunning on the photo shared on her Instagram handle
Source : instagram

Cierra Bynum is the older sister of Camryn Bynum and has gained a huge fan following on her social media handle. She is an aspiring actress and has over 300k followers on TikTok.

Earlier this year, Cierra was featured in the sports show All American and posted behind-the-scenes pictures on her Instagram handle. She is available with the username @misscierra10. A former cheerleader, Cierra is a constant supporter of her younger brother.

Camryn’s other two siblings, Caiya and Caleb, enjoy life out of the public limelight, and not much is known about them. But one thing is for sure all his four siblings couldn’t be much prouder seeing their brother represent their Filipino roots on a worldwide stage. 

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