Chris Ballard Wife Kristin Ballard Is A Former Basketball Player At Texas A&M

Chris Ballard wife Kristin Ballard is a sales representative from Texas. Chris and Kristin are parents to seven kids.

Christ met Kristin at Texas A&M Kingsville, where he was a grad assistant and Kristin was a star athlete. They have been married for over two decades and gave birth to their first baby in 2003.

The Indianapolis Colts general manager believes that his partner is the best athlete in the family and now his three biological kids have followed in their footsteps. 

The two had already given birth to three babies before they adopted two more in 2012. They have always shown their support to various communities in the Texas region and have helped children welfare communities by making donations. 

The 53-year-old has been the Colts’ manager for six years but hasn’t been able to lead the side to success, which has raised a few eyebrows. But on Monday night, the Colts owner Jim Irsay said with an air of assurance that Chris would remain the general manager of the AFC South team.

Chris Ballard Wife Kristin Ballard Is A Former Basketball Player

Chris Ballard wife Kristin Ballard is a former athlete who earned success as a basketball player. Kristin also ran track.

The Texas native, Kristin, found her passion for sports from a young age and tapped into her hidden potential as she reached high school. After graduating from Yoakum High School, she joined Texas A&M University-Kingsville, where her record remains unsurpassed. 

Kristin Ballard (centre) pictured with her family members, including her husband at Lucas Oil Stadium in 2019
Source : theathletic

A four-year letter-winner in basketball, Kristin’s record of 46 points in a game remains intact to this day. But basketball was not only the game that she showed her prowess in. The better half of the Colts’ general manager is a Hall of Famer in Women’s Track and Field.

The multi-sport athlete was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005 for her javelin skills and won gold at Lone Star Conference Championships in 1998. Only the sky was the limit for the talented individual, but she decided to pursue a different field after graduation.

After earning her business administration degree from TAMUK, Kristin worked as a sales representative for a year at Pacific Broadcasting before she began her tenure with Takeda Pharmaceuticals. 

Kristin Ballard (centre) pictured with her daughter Kierstyn (right) and her friend at an event in 2018
Source : instagram

Maybe the competitive spirit of an athlete that runs through Kristin’s veins made it possible for her to win the TAP Excalibur Guild Award three times and become one of the most successful sales representatives in her region. 

From being an outstanding athlete to a strong academic student, Ballard succeeded in her married life with the NFL coach and has raised five kids while working a full-time job. 

Kristin And Chris Adopted Two Children In 2012

Kristin and Chris were already parents of three children before they adopted two more in 2012.

Kristin and Chris had always been active in the Texas community well before 2012. The two would donate clothes and essentials to the children’s welfare community and hold Christmas parties for the youngsters. 

Chris Ballard and Kristin Ballard pictured with Sunnie(third from right) and Rainn(front centre) with their three other kids in 2018
Source : instagram

The couple were first approached in 2010 by Child Protective Services and were informed about four girls in dire need of a proper family. The four girls, Skylar, Angel, Sunnie and Rainn, lived in an abusive household with their father, leaving them to their drug-addicted mother.

For two years, the Ballard fought for the custody of the youngsters, and in the end, they were able to take Sunnie and Rainn home. The two older girls went to the uncle and aunt. 

1. Sunnie Ballard 

Sunnie Ballard(right) pictured with her sister Kierstyn Ballard earlier this year in April
Source : instagram

Sunnie Ballard, age 15, is one of the two girls adopted by Chris and Kristin. Having lived in traumatic events previously, Sunnie took a bit longer than Rainn to settle down with the Ballards.

In an interview with WTHR in 2017, Chris mentioned that Sunnie used to go to counseling sessions. But Kristin and Chris helped Sunnie not only emotionally but also academically. In the interview, Chris cited that Sunnie had started to get straight A’s at her school.

For her 12th birthday, Sunnie asked her mother to host a party for foster kids, and the mother-daughter duo hosted five families that year at Chuck E Cheese.

2. Rainn Ballard

Rainn Ballard pictured in 2018 cutting her brother Cash Ballard's hair
Source : colts

Rainn, age 13, is the youngest member of the Ballard family and had already fallen victim to the cruelty of this world.

In the interview with WTHR, Kristin described how malnourished Rainn looked and that the young kid hadn’t even tasted solid food for 18 months of her life.

But with the care she received at the Ballard residence, Rainn excelled in her classes and the bond with her siblings grew stronger every day. On July 16, 2015, Kristin shared the first family photo of the Ballard with all five kids on her Facebook handle.

Kristin And Chris Are Happy Family Of Seven

Kristin And Chris became a family of seven after they welcomed Sunnie and Rainn in 2012.

Before their adoption, Kristin and Chris were doting parents to Kierstyn, Cash and Cole. The coach and his partner have always treated the five of them equally, with Chris even saying that adopting Sunnie and Rainn was better than winning Super Bowl.

1. Kierstyn Ballard

Kierstyn Ballard pictured in her Baylor Jersey as she joins the Baylor Track Team in 2021
Source : instagram

Kierstyn Ballard, age 19, is the oldest daughter of Kirstin and Chris. Kierstyn has followed in the footsteps of her mother and is a track and field athlete at Baylor University.

Standing at 5ft 5, Kierstyn was a three-year letter winner at Westfield High School and has received several accolades since a young age. Along with being an athlete at Baylor, she is majoring in Kinesiology.

She is available on Instagram with the username @kierstynballard and has 2.5k followers. Kirstin’s eldest child set her personal best record in pole vault earlier this year and finished fifth in the 44 Farms Invitational competition.

2. Cole Ballard

Cole Ballard (centre) pictured with his sister Kierstyn Ballard(left) and their cousin in 2019
Source : instagram

Cole Ballard, age 17, is a football player at Westfield High School and plays as a quarterback and a wide receiver. The football player stands at 6ft 2 and weighs 210 lbs. 

Before committing to football, Cole was also a star baseball player, and a few of his videos have circulated on Twitter. He is available on Twitter with the username @ColeBallard20 and was recently named to the 6-A All-State Team.

3. Cash Ballard

Cash Ballard pictured with his mother Kristin Ballard in 2018 before getting his hair cut to donate it to the cancer patients
Source : colts

Cash Ballard, age 14, has followed in the footsteps of his older brother and is looking to make a mark as a football player. 

In 2018, Cash donated his hair to the nonprofit organization, Children With Hair Loss, based in Michigan. He grew out his hair while his dad was working with the Chiefs and cut his hair to donate it to cancer patients. 

At age 10, Cash showed maturity well beyond his age, and the youngest son of the NFL manager also stated that he would love to do it again. 

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