Who Are Chris Kyles Kids? Wife Taya Kyle Remarried Or Not, Where Is She Now?

Christopher Scott Kyle, also known as Chris Kyle, was a sniper for the U.S. Navy SEALs. He served in the Iraq War for four deployments and received numerous awards for valorous deeds and honorable service in battle. In 2009, Kyle retired from the U.S. Navy and relocated to Midlothian, Texas, with Taya, his wife, and their two children, Colton and McKenna.  

Tragically, Chris was shot to death by Eddie Ray Routh in 2013 at the Rough Creek Lodge shooting range in Chalk Mountain, Texas. After being found guilty, Routh—a former Marine with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)—was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

It has already been nearly a decade since Kyle’s death; however, people are still curious about how his wife and children are doing. Here, in this article, let us run through the present whereabouts of Kyle’s children; son Colton Kyle and daughter McKenna Kyle, and his wife, Taya Kyle.

Chris Kyles Kids: Son Colton Kyle And Daughter McKenna Kyle

The late American sniper treasured his daughter McKenna and son Colton, who is one and a half years apart.

Colton, the oldest child, was affectionately referred to as Bubba by his father, while McKenna was called Angel. Pictures of Chris and his kids immersing their feet in Texas soil to create a mold when they were babies can be found online, depicting an adorable bond the three have. Similarly, in addition to driving his daughter to dance class, Chris coached his son’s tee-ball team, fulfilling the responsibility of a perfect father. Chris’s son just recently started his senior year at school,


Besides this, other details about Chris’s children are under wraps, but his wife, Taya, is active on social media, where she talks about her love for her late husband and her work for the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation (TACK-F). She recently revealed to her 1.8 million Facebook fans that she spends most of her work week volunteering as the E.D. at TACK-F. Taya manages to use her ventures to create money for herself and her children.

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Where Is Taya Kyle Now?

Taya Ranae Studebaker, the wife of U.S. Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, was born in Portland, Oregon. The two initially crossed paths in 2001 and eventually married. Taya has been a devoted wife throughout all of her husband’s endeavors. She continues to dedicate her job to philanthropy in honor of her late husband, Chris, even after his passing. 

Taya is now a well-known American author, political analyst, and advocate for the families of veterans. She started being vocal on public platforms about her husband’s U.S. Navy service and problems encountered by veterans nationwide soon after Chris was murdered in 2013. Taya took up the cause of Chris Kyle Law and became an advocate for widowed women and families who had lost family members in the military. 


Furthermore, Taya authored the book American Wife: A Memoir Of Love, Service, Faith, And Renewal, released on May 5, 2015. The book discusses how she handled her life as a military spouse and how she endured the sudden death of her husband, Chris. Additionally, Taya established the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation in 2014 to offer warriors and their families memorable experiences. 

Taya frequently makes appearances on T.V. for various roles, including presiding over Miss America pageants in the past. She resides in Texas and currently contributes to Fox News.

Taya Kyle Has Not Remarried

Taya Kyle has not remarried even after a decade of her husband Chris’s death. Upon closer inspection of her work, it is clear that she is committed to working for the legacy her late spouse left throughout her life.

Soon after learning of Chris’s demise, Taya found it challenging to deal with both; Chris’s loss and her responsibilities as a single mother. Taya described to ABC News the horrifying moment she broke the news of Chris’s passing to their children. She claimed that the last thing she remembered was closing her eyes and having trouble breathing as tears began to fall. 

Taya is an avid social media user, where she shares her feelings for her deceased husband and her involvement with the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation (TACK-F). She has been overwhelmed by the number of veterans who want to tell her that Chris Kyle saved their lives since his funeral in 2013.

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