Dfw Elite Dawgs Coach Mike Hickmon Shooting, Aqib Talib and Brother The Culprit

Texas coach Mike Hickmon shot to death

DFW Elite Dawgs coach Mike Hickmon was shot and murdered in Lancaster, Texas. The brother of former NFL star Aqib Talib is reportedly involved in the shooting. 

The internet is mourning the passing of Mike Hickmon, a South East Dallas Wolverines Football team coach. He reportedly spent around eight years in the NFL as well. Witnesses say Hickmon was gunned down during a scrimmage between the 9-year-olds in Lancaster, Texas. 

Moreover, video footage relating to the incident has also gone viral on social media. The video shows adults arguing in a football game between the 9-year-olds, and a gunshot noise is also heard. 

DFW Elite Dawgs Coach Mike Hickmon Shooting And Murder In Dallas

Mike Hickmon was a football coach at South East Dallas Wolverines Football team. 

Sources say that the DFW Dawgs coach was in the NFL for around eight years. He was shot during a youth game where two teams of 9-year-old children were playing in Lancaster, Texas. 

Former NFL player Aqib Taleb, and his brother, Yakub Taleb, are allegedly involved in the shooting. Witnesses said that Yakub Taleb pulled the trigger and killed the coach. Local fire department responders performed CPR on their way out of the field.

A parent present during the match spoke on social media. He said, "Similar cases happen at unofficial events. While there are several instances of adults misbehaving during official competitions in youth sports, there is tight security to watch and control any violence. Whereas, in such informal games, the brutality tops."

Were Aqib And Yakub Taleb Arrested? Twitter Video Points At Them

A video on Twitter shows the argument between coach Hickmon and the Taleb brothers. 

Considering the video and eyewitnesses' words, everyone is blaming Yakub Taleb for the murder of Mike Hickmon. As many people have already spoken about it, it seems true. 

However, the authorities haven't arrested anyone until now, let alone put charges. Both Aqib and Yakub Taleb are free at the moment. As per sources, an investigation is ongoing, and the authorities have kept an eye on the Taleb brothers. 

Let's all hope for justice for the murder of Coach Hickmon. He didn't deserve such a brutal ending to his life. 

Coach Mike Hickmon Killed In Front Of His Son: Wife And Family

Mike Hickmon was shot in front of his son. 

Among the 9-year-old footballers, the coach's son was also one of them. He saw someone shooting his father and killing him. May he get all the strength to overcome such a horror.

However. we don't have anything about the coach's wife and other children. He was based in Dallas, Texas. May his departed soul rest in paradise.