Does Ian Mcshane Have A Glass Eye? Actor Eye Related Injury And Condition Described

Ian McShane has a glass eye in American gods as an incarnation of Odin. McShane has one eye a color deeper shade of blue than the other.

Ian is an actor reputed for playing Mr. Wednesday in the drama series American Gods, where his character has a dull eye that has been dramatized as a glass eye.

His glass eye links to his time as Odin thousands of years ago.

The book-turned-TV show American Gods centers on an impending war between ancient and modern gods as Mcshane tries to stay relevant.

Keep scrolling to explore the reason behind Ian Mcshane’s glass eye and eye injury.

Does Ian Mcshane Have A Glass Eye?

Ian McShane has a glass eye in American Gods as Mr Wednesday. McShane has two different eye colors in the series.

His right eye has a different blue color than his left one in the series. Ian does not have heterochromia. He wore contact lenses in American Gods to portray his character.

His eyes were highlighted now and again with CGI to make them stand out more.

Ian plays Mr. Wednesday, the Viking war god Odin. He has a glass eye because he traded his right eye to gain wisdom and knowledge. 

Mcshane is a con artist in American Gods who duped gods and humans for money by disguising himself and executing cunning maneuvers. He seeks to compel the Old and New Gods to engage in combat to restore Odin’s dwindling influence in America. Mr. Wednesday, also known as the incarnation of Odin, wants supreme power like in ancient times.

Ian McShane Eye Injury

Ian McShane suffers from eye injury after trading in his right eye for wisdom.

Mimir asked him to pluck his eyes and drop into the Well of Mimir to drink the water. The well was said to be magical that would give wisdom to those who drank from it.


After drinking from the well, Odin saw the future and the past. As Odin, Ian saw every possible thing that would happen in the future, some he could change and some he could not. Even though he had only one eye, he could see better with it than he had seen with two eyes. The insight he gained after paying a steep price was worth it.

On the plane in episode one of American Gods, Ian refers to it and claims he can see with one eye.

Ian McShane Illness And Health Problems

Ian McShane is ill and is taking time off acting to focus on his health.

Ian did not appear in the streaming series Last King of the Cross because he is not feeling well. Fans were surprised to discover that his decision to leave wasn’t because of scheduling issues but rather his health.

According to Deadline, Ian McShane left Last King of the Cross due to “health problems.” They claimed to have contacted McShane’s agents but received no further information regarding the illness. Tim Roth replaced McShane after he quit.

According to rumors, Ian will return to Hollywood in 2023 as the mysterious Continental manager Winston in John Wick: Chapter 4. McShane has starred in every John Wick movie to date and does not plan to break the streak anytime soon, especially as his parts get bigger with each release.

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