Eliza McCartney Boyfriend Lukas Walton-Keim Is A Kitefoil New Zealand Champion

Eliza McCartney boyfriend Lukas Walton is a tandem pilot and paragliding instructor. Lukas and Eliza have been dating since 2015.

Keim is planning to try out for Paris Olympics 2024. He has also been called ‘King of the Waitemata’ for his circumnavigation of Rangitoto and Motutapu for impressive 56 minutes and 11 seconds. Not only limited to that, but he is also sometimes called ‘King of the Air,’ for he leaped 16 meters above the sea on his board.

He is also a 2014 junior kitesurfing freestyle champion. His family owns a Kiteboarding business, Wings and Waves, in Bayswater.

Eliza is a Kiwi pole vaulter who won a bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics. She began pole vaulting when she was just 14. She attended Takapuna Grammar School, where she was a classmate of the famous Kiwi pop star Lorde. Her parents also have an athletic background, her father used to jump high, and her mother was a gymnast.

Eliza McCartney Boyfriend Lukas Walton-Keim Is A Kitefoil Champion

Eliza McCartney boyfriend Lukas Keim is a three time national level Kite Foiling Champion from New Zealand.

From 2020 to 2022, Lukas has maintained an impressive three-winning streak for New Zeland Kite Foiling Championships. The athlete comes from a family that has a history of paragliding and kiteboarding. His father is a paraglider who has raced internationally and established a school for paragliding and kiteboarding.

Lukas at 2022 Formula Kite World Championships held in Cagliari, Italy.
Source : instagram

After it was announced that Kitefoiling would see its debut in the Olympics, Lukas has been preparing for the sport’s debut as well as his. So as to see his Olympic dream to an end, Lukas has been spending a lot of time training overseas as there are no tough-level competitors in New Zealand.

Lukas started paragliding when he was just ten. His mom is also an avid paraglider, and he also grew up doing it. In 2019, he finished third in the 2019 European Championships with Justina Kitchen in the team relay.

Keim’s alma mater is Auckland University of Technology in Marketing. Apart from being a kite foiler, he is also an instructor at Wings and Waves; he has been instructing and teaching for eight years now.

Lukas at European Championships at  Náfpaktos, Greece this year in 2022.
Source : instagram

He has interned with Gin Gilders in Korea, where he learned all that is there to know about paragliding, its design, and manufacturing.

But all of this glory has not come without hiccups; when he was just 14, when kiteboarding one day in Shoal Bay, he injured his back and injured his L5, fifth lumbar spine vertebrae, which still flares up occasionally. That is why he proceeds with caution when it comes to sports injury. He knows how sports injury can derail one’s career. He has seen it with his lover Eliza, and his roommates, sailor Paul Snow-Hansen and footballer Fern Emma Roulston.

Eliza And Lukas Dating Life

Eliza and Lukas have been going out with each other since February 2015, and both of them like traveling a lot.

Lukas took Eliza out on a boat to mark their 6th dating anniversary.
Source : instagram

The Kiwi duo’s Instagram has been bedecked with posts devoted to each other. Like in this instance, which happened to be their sixth year together, Lukas took to his Instagram to show off his celebrations with a very cheery photo of Eliza. He took Eliza out and spent their day together. His caption read, “6 years with this one (Eliza); glad we could get out today; love you.”

Lukas and Eliza during their trip at Marseille, France in July of this year in 2022.
Source : instagram

Just in July of this year, before Lukas headed to Gizzeria for the World Series Event, they took a very blissful trip that sounds straight out of a storybook, filled with sunflowers and lavenders. They traveled from Marseille, a historic port city in the South of France, to Valensole, a place known for its beautiful lavender fields. 

Eliza didn’t qualify for Tokyo Olympics, and she was understandably heartbroken, so she decided to take a break from sports and rest for a while.

Eliza and Lukas together at The Halberg Awards red carpet in 2017.
Source : co

Lukas took to Instagram in June of last year to write a lengthy post showing his support for her, and he explained that he has always been amazed by the perseverance and dedication she has always shown. Furthermore, he added, “It takes a lot of courage to do what you do on the good days and much more on the hard ones.”. Finally, he added that he was looking forward to spending his time during her break.

In response to that, Eliza took to comments to acknowledge that she could only do this because Lukas has always been on her side, day in and out. During her sabbatical, she spent time reading, gardening, and sharing her home-cooked meals with Lukas. 

But the good news is that Eliza and Lukas will try out for the Paris Olympics in 2024.

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