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Gymnast Emma Malabuyo Parents Ana Malabuyo And Joel Malabuyo

Emma celebrated Christmas 2016 with her mom, dad, and siblings on December 25, 2016.
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Emma Malabuyo parents Ana Malabuyo and Joel Malabuyo are from Thousand Oaks city of California. Ana and Joel have three children.

Emma was born as a middle child to the elder Malabuyos, and she has two siblings who are also into athletics. Her dad is a quality assurance specialist and works at Amgen.

Joel and Ana tied the knot and started their family in 2001. Their first child Elija is 21 years old, and he played basketball during his high school career. Their secondborn became an artistic gymnast, making them proud by representing the United States in National competitions. Likewise, the youngest child is also pursuing gymnastics like her sister.

Emma Malabuyo Parents

Emma Malabuyo was born to her parents Ana Malabuyo and Joel Malabuyo on the 5th of November 2022.

Anan and Joel raised their daughter in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California. They signed Emma up at Little Gym when they realized she would have a future in gymnastics after witnessing her swinging across the monkey bars when she was only two.

Joel and Ana celebrated Ana's birthday at Café Du Monde on the 15th of June 2020.
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Furthermore, the elder Malabuyo got married in 2001, and they mark their wedding anniversary on the 28th of January every passing year. They have been happily married for over two decades and welcomed three children. 

Likewise, the artistic gymnast's father commemorates his birthday on the 18th of December, and her mom celebrates her born day the 15th of June. They are also active on social media platforms under the usernames @anabbuyo and @moksiemokes.

Joel Malabuyo Is A Specialist QA At Amgen

Emma's dad Joel Malabuyo works at the biopharmaceutical company Amgen as a quality assurance specialist.

Joel is from Pacifica, California, and lives in Thousand Oaks, California, United States, per his Facebook profile. Furthermore, he graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Applied Science.

Joel took his daughter to a movie date on celebrate her 15th birthday and watched Thor: Ragnarok.
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Before joining Amgen in November 2020, Malabuyo worked as a supplier quality assurance specialist and quality professional at Abbott Diagnostics Business for three years (from November 2017 to 2020), per his LinkedIn profile.

Emma Has Two Siblings

Emma is the middle child, seven years older than her sister and a year younger than her brother.

She turned 20 on the 5th of November, 2022. Furthermore, Evya was born in 2009 and celebrated her 13th birthday on the 12th of October, 2022. Likewise, Elijah was born in 2001, and the 21-year-old marks his birthday on the 4th of May every year.

The Malabuyo siblings celebrated Elijah's 15th birthday in May 2016.
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The oldest Malabuyo is active on Instagram but has maintained a private account under the handle @elijahbmalabuyo.

Elija Malabuyo Is A Basketball Player

Elija Malabuyo is also an athlete, and he played basketball growing up. 

The athlete attended and played boy's varsity basketball at The King's Academy High School. Likewise, he also played at Flower Mound High School wearing jersey number 2 and received a couple of awards with the team. 

Elijah played basketball for Flower Mound, wearing jersey number 2 during his high school career.
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Malabuyo graduated from The Kings Academy in 2019 with a Gold Academic Medallion with the highest honors. He maintained a 4.0+ GPA throughout his four years in high school despite being a student-athlete.

Moreover, Elija enrolled at California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo to complete his undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science with a major in Economics, Quantitative Analysis, and a Minor in Computer Science. 

Emma wished Elijah's birthday with childhood images on May 4, 2020.
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Additionally, the basketball player serves as a dance coordinator at United in Movement. Per his LinkedIn profile, he also worked as a sales associate at HD Supply and UPS. Likewise, his youngest sister Eyva has also pursued an athletic career and followed Emma's footsteps to become a gymnast. She made a remarkable achievement at Texas Dreams Gymnastics in December 2017.