Erick All Parents Kelly All And Erick All Sr Are Dallas Cowboys Fan

Erick All parents Kelly All and Erick All Sr are fans of the Texas team Dallas Cowboys. Kelly and Erik are Ohio natives.

There is no doubt that the couple would one day want their son, Erick to dawn the famous jersey of the Cowboys. But the 22-year-old is currently at crossroads with his university team Michigan Wolverines. 

Earlier this week, Erick announced that he was leaving Michigan and had entered the transfer portal. Many have speculated it is because of the surgery that Erick had in October, the decision which Wolverines hadn’t supported.

And the transfer request took another turn as Erick Sr made some shady tweets that ended up angering Wolverines fans rather than wanting them to show sympathy to their former captain.

Erick All Parents Kelly All And Erick All Sr Are Dallas Cowboys fans

Erick All parents Kelly All and Erick All Sr are enjoying the great run of the Dallas Cowboys this season.

The couple Kelly All and Erick All Sr have tweeted several times in support of the NFC east team. Erick All Sr even requested Stephen A. Smith, the sports commentator, not to attack his team in 2015.

Erick All shares a tribute post for his mother Kelly All on the occasion of mother's day in 2021 as she is spotted wearing the gear of the Wolverines
Source : instagram

The Ohio natives, the All family, have a deep love for the game, and they couldn’t have been much prouder when Erick committed to Michigan University in 2018. The 22-year-old graduated from Fairfield, Ohio, and was raised alongside two siblings.

Kelly All, the football fanatic, was one of the many parents in 2020 to urge that university football needed to continue despite the COVID pandemic being at its peak.

The mother of three took to Twitter, where she tweeted that the Michigan Wolverine team should start their season following all the required measures. Kelly and her family moved to Indiana in 2000, right after Erick’s birth, where she picked up a job at a Village Pantry.

Erick All with his family in 2018 as they celebrate him signing for the Wolverines
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In an interview in 2012, Erick All Sr shared an incident in which he almost lost his son. But thankfully, the firefighters were able to save Erick from the burning building.

A passionate man, Erick All Sr, has always pushed his son to achieve greater heights. In 2018, right after his son committed to Michigan, Erick Sr tweeted this was just the beginning and more was to be done. 

On Father’s Day of 2020, Erick shared a tribute post for his dad. From the post, one thing is for sure. Erick Sr shares a tight-knit bond with all of his three kids. 

Erick All Father Erick All Sr Has Raised Two Athletes

Erick All Sr is the father of Erick All and Donovan All and has raised two athletes competing in two different sports.

If Erick found his foot as a tight end in the Michigan Wolverine Team, then Donovon earned accolades as a wrestler. Though media attention might be all over the footballer, All Sr shows love for both his sons and their achievements.

Erick All with his brother Donovan All pose together as Erick commits to Michigan University
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In 2020, as Erick and Michigan were crowned Fall Letterwinners, his younger brother won a podium finish in the wrestling competition held by the Fairfield Indians. And a year later, when Donovon won another wrestling competition, his father said it was time to start preparing for the State competition.

In October, when Erick underwent a life-changing surgery, Erick All Sr traveled from Cincinnati to Florida to be with him. He has also fully supported his son’s decision to leave Michigan.

Erick All Sr sends cryptic tweet messages as Erick announces he is entering the transfer portal
Source : twitter

On December 6, 2022, as Erick announced he was leaving Michigan University, many accused the father-son duo of stirring a drama over the transfer. Erick All Sr’s shady comments were seen on his Twitter handle.

All Sr’s cryptic didn’t go unseen by the Wolverine fans as they took to Reddit to share their thoughts. Many Wolverine fans aren’t happy with Erick Sr’s tweets calling the tweets stupid and petty. 

The father of two wrote to Don Thomas on Twitter that they want the truth to come out and that truth hurts. With Erick’s future up in the air, it is to be seen where the 22-year-old will next continue his footballing dream.

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