Holly Sonders Plastic Surgery Timeline: Before And After Lips & Face

Did Holly Sonders undergo plastic surgery? The before and after pictures of the golfer have made several people believe so.

One of the most well-known and attractive women in golf, Holly Sonders first gained notoriety as a sports media personality.  Often dubbed as the prettiest golfer, Sonders was a reporter, model, and TV host for Fox Sports and Golf Channel. Let’s read more into her life, beginning with some quick facts.

Quick facts about Holly Sonders

Real Name Holly Niederkoh
Date of Birth March 3, 1987
Birth Place Marysville, Ohio, United States
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 m/176.784 cm)
Weight 61 kg (134.48 lb)
Husband/Boyfriend Erik Kuselias (2012-2017) Kliff Kingsbury, Vegas Dave, and Oscar De La Hoya (present)
Net Worth $6.5 million

Timeline: Holly Sonders Underwent Plastic Surgery

Holly Sonders admitted to having plastic surgery to her fans in a video. The golfer is proud of having had surgery and hoped others would do the same.

Unquestionably, the reason Holly Sonders appeared to be a completely different person piqued fans’ interest, and people guessed she underwent botox treatments and a breast transplant to seem younger.

Holly Sonders, the golfer and journalist has a gorgeous face and a fit physique
Source : google

To answer, yes, the TV personality stated having filler in her eyes, nose, face, and breasts. Moreover, she admitted to having a small amount of liposuction.

Sonders continued by saying that she decided to be open about it if any ladies on her Instagram were struggling with body and facial insecurities.

Holly Sonders Before And After Pictures Of Her Lips And Face

Holly Sonders’ lips and face look different from the years back. She reportedly went through plastic surgery around three years ago.

Holly’s before and after pictures are pretty evident to prove the changes she brought in her body. The stunningly attractive Holly Sonders is not a new name in the entertainment world. She is renowned for her gorgeous looks and opinionated demeanor.

Holly said she did not think much while opting for plastic surgery and wanted everyone to be upfront about it. Her fans appreciated her effort and bombarded her comment section with love and encouragement.

Since her alleged plastic surgery rumors appeared during the television discussions, the breathtakingly beautiful Holly has been the center of attention.

The alluring woman has 674K followers on her Instagram, where she has updated her bio reading.”Girls can be hot AND smart.” Holly has made 1265 posts and is famed for uploading bold pictures of her.

Holly Sonders responded to those who commented negatively on her pictures, “I am sexy. And it makes me happy; I am a sexy, powerful woman. And if that makes you uncomfortable, unfollow me now.”

Holly Sonders’s Early Life, Upbringing And Education

Holly Sonders began creating history from her childhood as she won a golf competition at seven. She attended Marysville High School, participating in the boys’ basketball and baseball teams. She also entered the field first, unlike any other athlete.

As she attended Marysville Excessive College after high school, she finally had the opportunity to play as the girls’ basketball team’s four-year starting point guard.

Her mother had a significant impact on her from the beginning of her adolescent years, and she had an ambition of becoming a professional golfer.

Holly Sonders attended Marysville High School, participating in the boys' basketball and baseball teams.
Source : google

Holly won the UTC National Championship and the American Junior Golf Association at the tender age of 14. She later attended Michigan State University, where she helped their team, the Spartans, win the Big Ten Championship.

She expanded her horizon during her days to participate in the NCAA Regional Tournament and NCAA Championships, which were also essential. She also won the Academic All-Big Ten distinction along the way.

As those things happened, Holly’s life began to spiral downward. Because of an unidentified knee ailment, Holly could not walk for months. Days were different for her as she struggled with her injured knee during her junior year at MSU, but she showed that there isn’t always just one avenue for you.

Instead of moving on, she seized the opportunity to earn her journalism degree, leaving the university in 2009. Holly started as a journalist then, but she came off as an easy target because of her fondness for golf and her pleasant academic background.

The Parents And Ethnicity Of The Golfer

Holly Sonders is American; her parents are Dan Niederkohr and Sandy Niederkohr. Holly was born on March 3, 1987. She was born in Marysville, Ohio, in the United States, under the sign of Pisces.

Her mother was a champion golfer, and her father was a practicing doctor and optometrist. Sonders headed toward a fresh bag of opportunities when she became featured on KATV in Little Rock as she got farther along in her days following surgery.

She then started covering killings and tornadoes, where she earned OJT (On-the-Job Training). Without wasting much time, she moved to Columbus, Ohio’s WBNS-10 TV after experiencing the flow of broadcast journalism.

Holly Sandors was born to Dan Niederkohr and Sandy Niederkohr
Source : google

Holly served as a reporting member for the Big Ten Community throughout her time there, and with the crucial OJT she gained from working as a local reporter for KATV, she applied to the golf channel.

After being denied once, Holly was finally hired by NBC’s Golf Channel, where she started her career at the next level. Despite being unable to play golf, Sonders achieved her aim by hosting renowned programs like “Playing Lessons with the Pros” and “School of Golf.”

Holly Sonders- Career In Golf And Journalism

Holly Sonders started her golf Channel Morning Drive opportunities while learning more about golf jobs. Her inclusion in the shows initially prompted criticism that she was being used as a prop.

But, Holly Sonders was cool about it, explaining that a woman could be athletic and feminine simultaneously and that dressing up in skirts was just her way of expressing her style.

After that, in May 2013, she appeared on the cover of Golf Digest magazine. Three times, Gold.com has also named her one of the Most Beautiful Women in Golf.

Holly Sonders has covered the U.S. Open golf when Fox News acquired the rights to the USGA competition
Source : nypost

Sonders left the Golf Channel to host the tournament’s telecast on Fox Network in 2015. She began covering the U.S. Open golf when Fox News acquired the rights to the USGA competition.

After that, she began working for the Fox Network as a studio presenter in 2016 while hosting the U.S. Open and covering the NFL sidelines. Since then, she has been acclimating to success and recognition while growing to renown. She has additionally guest-hosted on shows including “THE HERD” and “UNDISPUTED” while making an appearance.

Is Holly Sanders Married?

No, Holly Sanders is not married; she is a divorced woman who was earlier married to Erik Kuselias. Since her divorce from well-known radio host and TV host Kuselias, Sonders has consistently been the center of attention.

Holly Sonders with her ex-husband, Erik Kuselias
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According to HITC, Holly won her first golf match at seven. In the 2000s, Sonders participated in several competitions as a golfer.

The Relationship History And Ex-Boyfriends Of The Famed Golfer

Sonders, a graduate of Michigan State University, is well-known for her scandalous connections and dating shady characters. As aforementioned, she married Erik Kuselias, a booming yet scandalous person, in 2011.

The two parted way in 2016 due to Erik’s alleged adultery. Following her divorce, Sonders was reportedly associated with NFL player Kliff Kingsbury, and the two are said to have dated briefly in secret.

The 34-year-old admitted that after learning about Dave’s life story and his ability to overcome difficulties, she immediately fell in love with him.

Holly Sonders flaunting the tattoo of boyfriend Oscar De La Hoya on her back
Source : nypost

Moreover, in the thick of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020, Sonders made headlines again when her fiance Dave acknowledged in the open that he had put his profession before Holly.

Another name on the list is Oscar De La Hoya, the American promoter. Besides Holly’s gorgeous body, s also has a tattoo engraved on her body. In November 2021, the golfer flaunted her large ink art on Instagram.

On her back, she showed off a sizable tattoo of her boyfriend, Oscar De La Hoya. Millions of her online fans have expressed surprise at the mark of her affection. Last year, Holly Sonders’ daring Instagram posts went viral. 

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Holly Sonders?

Holly Sonders is estimated to make roughly $2 million a year and have a net worth of $6.5 million as of 2022. She further participates in brand endorsements, as with the Cobra Puma Golf, which is another way she makes money.

In addition, Holly is presently a yoga teacher. Sonders is also an Instagram model in addition to that, from which she earns more money.

Holly Sonders works out repeatedly while keeping an eye on her health to maintain her body. She claims she can not run much because she lacks a meniscus, and her scoliosis prevents her from working effectively.

Holly Sonders has a net worth of $6.5 million as of 2022.
Source : google

She also explained how her arms proliferate, indicating that overworking her arms will make her look bulky. As a result, she has to keep herself physically fit.

Talking about her exercise routine, she only exercises four times per week, doing 500 ab exercises thrice each time. In addition, she gets up early and works out in the gym, focusing on squats and lunges.

Some FAQs

What is the net worth of Holly Sonders?

Earning annually up to 2 million USD, Sonders has a net worth of 6.5 million USD. While she has accumulated a fair share of her fortune from her golfing and journalism career, Holly these days earns sizable amount from her fitness app, merch, and social media engagement.

What is Holly Sonders doing now?

Currently, Holly Sonders has established herself as a fitness guru. In May 2020, Sonders unveiled her fitness app, ‘TeamUp Fitness,’ on social media which attracted a lot of users. Sonders is also a co-founder of Get Masculin.

Who did Holly Sonders marry?

Holly Sonders married Erik Kuselias. Kuselias, a MENSA member, is renowned for his sharp wit, pop culture humor, and lively hosting manner. The couple divorced in 2016, and Sonders is dating Oscar De La Hoya at the present.

How old tall is Holly Sonders?

The gorgeous journalist/golfer is 5 feet 8 inches, weighing 61 kg (134.48 lb). She has an athletic build, and features brunette hair color and hazel eye color.

Does Holly Sonders still work for Fox Sports?

No, Holly Sonders left Fox Sports in 2019. She began her career at the Golf Channel when she was 21 years old and joined Fox Sports at the age of 26.

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