Is Melissa Lucio Innocent? Accident Or Murder Clarified

Melissa Lucio, who is on death row for the 2007 murder of her 2-year-old daughter, was granted a stay of execution by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Monday. Is she Innocent? Everything you need to know about the truth and more.

Melissa Lucio is the first Hispanic woman in Texas to be condemned to death. Mariah, her two-year-old daughter, was discovered to have dispersed bruises in various stages of healing, as well as injuries to her skull and contusions of the spinal cord, kidneys, and lungs, and Melissa was convicted of capital murder. 

“The State of Texas vs. Melissa,” a documentary released in 2020, is based on her case. Sandra Babcock has dubbed the prosecution ” far the weakest capital case I’ve ever seen.” She has battled poverty & violence since she was a youngster. Melissa has 14 kids, one of whom is Mariah.

Is Melissa Lucio Innocent? Execution Stopped By The Court

Melissa Lucio was due to be executed on April 27, 2022, but an appeals court postponed her execution until April 25, 2022. So, by the looks of things, Melissa is innocent. 

On death row for over 14 years, Lucio has maintained her innocence. 

During her questioning, Melissa asserted her innocence over 100 times. But she was misled by police authorities into falsely acknowledging blame for some of Mariah’s injuries.

The questioning cops would not listen to the truth: Melissa had never abused her children & would never do so again.

Rather than looking into Mariah’s medical history & exploring the possible causes of her injuries, police assumed Melissa had been killed and forced her to give a false statement during a forceful interrogation.

A thousand pages of Child Protective Services documents demonstrate that none of Melissa’s 12 children have ever said she was abusive to them. There was no tangible proof to the contrary.

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Was Mariah’s Death An Accident Or Murder?

As per the online source, Mariah’s death was an accident. On February 15, 2007, Mariah slipped down a flight of stairs when the family relocated. The youngster had a modest physical handicap that made her shaky & prone to falling when walking. She took asleep two days later and didn’t wake up.

Police, on the other hand, claimed that the child’s death was not an accident. Because child deaths are heartbreaking, people search for someone to blame, especially the “bad mother.”

As of now, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ordered the “138th Judicial District Court” of Cameron County to evaluate fresh evidence of Lucio’s innocence in the murder of her daughter on April 25, 2022.

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