What Happened To Taio Cruz? Where Is He Today After Tiktok Suicidal Case Scandal?

Taio Cruz is currently facing ups and downs in his career. The popular 2000s music artist is having some problems now. Learn what we know about it. 

With his hit singles “Break Your Heart” and “Dynamite,” Taio Cruz became an international sensation in 2009.

The artist has had a difficult time since then. When he joined the trendy site TikTok two years ago, things became even worse.

What Happened To Taio Cruz?

Taio Cruz shared that he was sealed with suicidal thoughts after he joined the TikTok platform.

Taio Cruz deleted all of his videos only a few days after joining it.

The musician received so much backlash on TikTok that he began to have suicidal thoughts, which he later revealed. He made the decision to completely abandon the social networking platform.

He admitted that his body was trembling and that he was having suicidal thoughts. He used to take pleasure in his mental toughness, but the hate comments astounded him.

“Never in my life have I had a more awful experience than the past few days on here,” he revealed in a deeply emotional message posted to his platform.

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Where Is Taio Cruz Now?

Taio Cruz is said to be writing for other singers, including Olly Murs and Nick Jonas

He has also created his own software company, Volume, whose latest product is Volume, an app that allows musicians to exchange and work on music in the cloud r

He’s taken a step back from the spotlight. In addition to removing his TikTok account, the musician has taken a break from other social media networks.

Because of his TikTok experience, the singer also deleted all of his Instagram and Twitter posts. In addition, the singer has opted to leave the industry.

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