Is Something Wrong With Chet Holmgren Heart? Medical Condition Could Hamper His Draft Profile

Prior to Thursday's NBA Draft, Chet Holmgren had only tried out for the Orlando Magic and the Oklahoma City Thunder. ( Source : Forbes )

Chet Holmgren, an American basketball player, recently made news for refusing to give certain teams his medical records. The youngster is then thought to have a medical problem as a result, by many NBA followers.

Holmgren, 20, currently plays college basketball for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. He was a five-star performer for the team and the number one player in the 2021 class. The seven feet tall plays as a center or a forward and is in the eyes of many big NBA franchises. So does he really have a health condition? Here's what we know. 

Is Something Wrong With Chet Holmgren's Heart? His Health Update

Chet Holmgren is reluctant to share his medical records, which has given rise to the rumor that he has a heart condition.

However, fans have always seen Holmgren perform at his best. He can run, dribble, and cross-pass a defender, very easily. It is difficult to suspect that Holmgren has a heart condition.

According to Matt Babcock, who revealed this at a media Q&A with NBA draught specialists. He asserted that there was a strong possibility Holmgren would not have had the necessary NBA coronary heart screening. This leads to the speculations that the 20-year-old might not be well. 

“I also heard that Holmgren has not provided teams medical information (at least most of the teams), and did not do the NBA’s heart screening. That could suggest that his agents are trying to manipulate the draft and direct (Holmgren) to a specific spot, which is probably the most likely scenario. I don’t know which team that would be though.”, stated Babcock.

Will Medical Condition Hamper Chet Holmgren's Draft Profile?

An illness may delay Chet Holmgren's long-held goal of being selected as a national basketball player. He is delaying a required heart screening before being picked in the drafts. 

The NBA will never put any player at the risk, thus Holmgren may be penalized by the association and could be added to their "blacklist."

In the NBA itself, 18 former players were charged in October 2021 with defrauding the league's health and welfare benefit plan, reportedly making up medical and dental expenses in order to collect almost $2.5 million.

Meet Chet Holmgren Parents & Family Members

Chet Holmgren is the son of retired basketball player, Dave Holmgren. His dad played for the University of Minnesota, as a Center.

Chet, who is currently 20 years old, was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His mother's name is Sarah Holmgren. Despite the fact, that the basketball player has revealed his parents' names, he has not shared much about them, not shared any photos on Instagram either.