Ivana Vuleta Husband Marko Vuleta Is A Nutritionist And Fitness Fanatic

Ivana Vuleta husband Marko Vuleta is a nutritionist and fitness coach from Serbia. Ivana and Marko were married in 2021.

Serbian long jumper Ivana uploaded their first picture together in December 2019, when the lovely couple was on a trip to Warsaw, Poland.

Ivana and Marko are made for each other since they are hardworking professionals who know the value of dedication and diligence. He is a personal fitness trainer who has devoted his entire life to figuring out how to crack the nutritional module to do business out of it.

On the other hand, his wife Ivana is a born champion. She has triumphed in so many tournaments, winning gold medals and other awards, that she has stopped keeping track.

The Olympic medalist recently bagged home two gold medals in the high jump, one in the 2022 European Athletics Championships in Munich and another in the 2022 World Athletics Indoor Championships in Belgrade.

Ivana Vuleta Husband Marko Vuleta Is A Fitness Coach

Ivana Vuleta husband Marko Vuleta is a personal fitness trainer and nutrition expert. 

The story behind Marko’s rise inspires everyone willing to invest their time and commit themselves to health and fitness. He also uploads a few pictures of his client, who underwent a huge body transformation to motivate others.

Marko at Gloria Sports Arena on August 26, 2022.
Source : instagram

After completing high school as a pharmacy specialist, Marko resumed schooling at a sports academy and evolved his fondness for sports and nutrition into personal coaching.

He set foot on a ship to help people develop healthy practices, improve their health, and achieve their desired physical appearance by using his customized exercise and nutritional plans.

Marko has traveled the world teaching and sharing his formula to achieve fitness goals. He established his first temporary base in Dubai, where he would guide and coach his clients physically and virtually.

His tasks involve helping individuals improve physical fitness through planned workouts and other physical lessons. Besides that, Marko is the founder of two business entities, Hydrolleri and Hero Swimmer.

Marko was exploring the city of Venezia, Italy, in September 2022.
Source : instagram

Hydrolleri is the brand through which he sells Aluminum foamed gym water bottles. It made claims about enhancing athletic performance and pain alleviation.

Similarly, Hero Swimmer is an international swimwear store service spread across the globe. In addition, Marko is also affiliated with a health and fitness brand NASM, where he worked as a tutor and lecturer.

Ivana And Marko Vuleta Married Life

Ivana and Marko Vuleta were married at the end of Septemberer 2021, exactly a year after their engagement.

They both shared glimpses from their wedding celebration on their Instagram accounts. Marko wrote a lengthy caption and posted with a hashtag, “dancing through life.” 

Ivana and Marko tied the wedding knot in September 2021.
Source : instagram

The couple danced wholeheartedly at the ceremony in the middle of the venue in front of all the guests. The Serbian athlete also uploaded pictures of the day and recalled their first dance through her words in the caption.

Peddling back to the beginning, just like Coldplay said in their song, The Scientist, “Oh, let’s go back to the start,” their journey began in 2019. They were spotted together for the first time in Warsaw, Poland. 

They snapped some pictures in front of one of the tallest high-rise buildings in the continent, the Palace of Culture and Science in the Polish capital. Though most of Marko’s Instagram posts are related to gyms and fitness, a few pictures of his beloved one are found here and there.

Lovebirds Ivana and Marko modeling for iffitpro branding in November 2020.
Source : instagram

During the COVID lockdown in mid-March 2022, the two athlete couples worked out together at their home gym center, where they taught that even without any equipment, one could easily train at home with minimal resources.

As a nutritionist, Marko takes great care to follow a rigorous diet regimen and eat only nutritious foods. Having a partner who is knowledgeable about cuisine has been a blessing for Ivana. She has someone who will monitor her food and can intervene if she consumes too much or too little nourishment.

Many people require a healthy diet and frequent physical activity; the fitness duo is an excellent example. Last year’s Valentine’s Day, Marko posted a picture of the two fighting for pancake.

Since he is extremely uncomfortable with eating such a sugary diet, he asked for an excuse in the caption, saying, “Sunday night and Valentine’s Day-great excuses for pancakes.”

Ivana and his boyfriend, Marko were engaged in September 2020.
Source : instagram

Marko posted on September 12, 2020, announcing their engagement. With a big smile on their cheeks and the ring on Ivana’s finger, the couple was sitting beneath a tiny tent in the shape of a home.

Marko and Ivana marked their first wedding anniversary in September of last year. To remember the memorable day, he posted a picture from their wedding.

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