Who Are Glen and Tania Brooksby? Jenson Brooksby Parents And Inspiration For The US Open

Jenson Brooksby, the son of Glen and Tania Brooksby, is swiftly establishing himself as one of the most exciting young American players.

Recently, Jenson competed against Novak Djokovic, who is widely regarded as one of the best tennis players in the world at the moment.
The youthful American was no match for the seasoned Serbian, as Djokovic was able to cruise to victory after putting on a convincing performance. But Djokovic didn’t have it as easy since Brooksby’s never-say-die attitude wore him out entirely by the match’s conclusion. This made it more difficult for Djokovic.

Who Are Glen And Tania Brooksby?

On October 26, 2000, in the city of Sacramento, California, Jenson Brooksby was born to parents who were citizens of the United States.

His parents, Glen Brooksby and Tania Brooksby took care of him when he was growing up because he was the only child in the family. Because Jenson was named after a driver who competed in Formula One in the past, his father has a strong passion for the sport as well. Tania Jenson, Glen Jenson’s mother, is a stay-at-home parent. Glen’s anesthesiologist father used to race for fun in California.

His parents, Glen Brooks and Tania Brooks took care of him when he was growing up because he was the only child in the family.
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Jenson started playing tennis when he was four years old. He also made it a habit to spend an hour every morning before school banging a Nerf ball against the garage door. In the past, he stated that playing tennis was something that he had always enjoyed doing. Since he was seven, Jenson has been receiving instruction from the same coach, Joseph Gilbert. They coached him the same way his coach honed his parents’ talents to become exceptional athletes.

The player’s mother and father have asked for his coaching duties to be handled by Joseph Gilbert, and they have requested that. Because he answered “yes,” they have been together for the past 13 years and are still going strong. The length of time he has spent with him is something that he views as an incredible story.

He asserted that Joseph had previous intimate experience with him. Similarly, he was forced to sit out his first year of college owing to an injury. He then turned professional after enrolling at Baylor University to play collegiate tennis.

Support From Jenson Brooksby Parents Glen and Tania

It is unknown how old Jenson Brooksby’s parents, Glen and Tania, actually are.

But, based on their appearance, they must be in their fifties or sixties at the very least. It is reported that Glen Brooksby is a devoted follower of Formula One, which is the championship race at the top level of international auto racing.

And for that reason, he decided to give his baby the name Jenson Button, the name of a former driver in Formula One. In addition, both Glen and Tania were avid tennis players. And Joseph, who served as their trainer, was always there to help them improve as a group.


However, later on, when the couple learned that their kid was obsessed with tennis, they decided to send him to their trainer so that he could get further practice.

Joseph Gilbert, who has been Jenson’s instructor and mentor for a very long period, was the only coach he worked with from seven until he turned twenty.

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Brooksby Family Photos On Social Media

Glen and Tania Brooksby cannot be reached through Instagram at this time.

However, you can converse with their son Jenson Brooksby since he maintains an Instagram account with the handle @jenson_brooksby. On the other hand, Jenson Brooksby has not published any images of his mother or father on their respective Instagram accounts.

Jenson is available on Instagram as @jenson_brooksby.
Source : instagram

It would appear that he does not wish to divulge very much information about his personal life to the general public. Despite this, Jenson has published many photographs showing himself working in the field.

In addition, you may offer Jason a follow if you wish to be kept up to speed on his in-game activities. In addition to Instagram, you can find him engaging on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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