Jesse Lee Peterson Assault Allegations, Radio Host Wife and Family Life

Due to the accusations made against him, Jesse Lee Peterson has been trending on the internet. Jesse is a conservative radio personality, broadcaster, and pastor from the United States. The Fallen State TV and Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show are hosted by Peterson.

One of the most well-known Black Republicans in the world is Jesse. He frequently appears on Fox News and is tight with Sean Hannity and other influential Republican figures.

In addition to denouncing the Democratic Party and Muslims in public office, Peterson asserts that racism does not exist. Instead, he believes that every disagreement involves a spiritual conflict between good and evil.

Radio Host Jesse Lee Peterson Assault Allegations

Jesse Lee Peterson, the outspoken Black Republican whose anti-Black and anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric can be found all over Youtube, has just been hit with a scandal. Four men are claiming that Jesse s*xually harassed or assaulted them.

They are discussing their conversations in a new documentary tentatively titled Surviving Jesse Lee Peterson. Four guys claim in a new video that Jesse, an avowed homophobe, sexually harassed or raped them.

Jesse is a self-described pastor. Joseph Enders, an employee of Church Militant, uncovers the alleged homosexual grooming and purported spiritual predation that turned the founder of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND) into a BOND villain.

Since the allegations started getting viral, the people on Twitter have been having mixed emotions regarding the news. Some are seen tweeting laughing emojis while some users are seen trash-talking against Jesse.

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Meet The Wife Of Jesse Lee Peterson

According to his Wikipedia profile, Jesse Lee Peterson does not have a wife, but he has been thrice engaged. His fiancée’s personal details, however, have not yet been made public.

On his broadcast in October 2020, Peterson said that it just didn’t happen. He further added that ladies appear to be all in your corner till they get you.

He also has a child, albeit it hasn’t been made clear if it was born from his first or second engagement.

Jesse hasn’t posted anything about his fiancés or his kid on the famous image-sharing platform, Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, his username is @jesseleepeterson, which is a verified profile having a massive following of more than seventy-two thousand as of this writing.

Net Worth – How Much Does Jesse Lee Peterson Earn?

Peterson’s social media platforms allowed him to host his shows, which he used to gain lecture engagements, book sales, and affiliate agreements. But in June 2019, His YouTube channel stopped being paid for.

His net worth is reportedly close to $1 million USD. Additionally, Jesse, a former Democrat who switched to Republicanism in his late 30s, has long been well-known in Republican circles.


He has also experimented with writing books and producing material. He is also credited with starting The Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, or BOND, in 1990.

In some regions, he has become somewhat of a household celebrity because to his numerous book agreements and numerous TV and radio appearances.

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