Kali Muscle Health Update After Heart Attack - How Is He Doing Now?

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Following his first heart attack in November 2021, Kali Muscle is recovering well and has resumed his demanding physical workout.

Kali "Muscle" Kirkendall, age 47, is a California-based actor, author, bodybuilder, and entertainer.

He owns and operates a fitness YouTube channel with over 2.55 million subscribers and more than 465 million views as of June 12, 2022. His channel focuses primarily on bodybuilding, and he discusses how to work out and exercise with little to no equipment. 

Kali Muscle Health Update After Heart Attack - How Is He Doing Now? 

Following his initial heart attack on November 5, 2021, Kirkendall is doing well and returning to high-level fitness workouts. His recent uploads show him engaging in calisthenic exercises, including Burpees. 

He had been admitted to the hospital after a blockage in his left main coronary artery led to a heart attack.

The 47-year-old immediately received emergency treatment and was later discharged from the hospital.

After the scare, he hadn't worked out in two months. He took small measures to listen to what his body was saying and partake in a minimum workout session after receiving approval from his doctor in early January.

After his hospitalization, he lost 20 pounds and dropped from 225 pounds to 205 pounds. He's back to his old self, partaking in really strenuous workout sessions five months after his first workout. 

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Insight On Kali Muscle Wife And Family

Kali Muscle has created a beautiful family with his wife, Helena Kirkendall. According to her social media bio, Helena is an entrepreneur.

She, along with her husband, has a YouTube channel called Hyphy Family, where they upload videos of their kids and give updates on the family on a daily basis.


They started dating in 2016 and married in June of 2017. After snapping a selfie together at a fitness expo, they were both drawn to each other. She also appears in his YouTube videos on a regular basis.

Kali Muscle Kirkendall II and Brooke Taylor Kirkendall are the only children they have had thus yet.

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Kali Muscle Net Worth 2022

Kali Muscle, an American actor and bodybuilder, is a multi-millionaire with a net worth of $5 million. He is a regular commercial actor who has previously acted in advertisements for Snickers, Comcast, Honda, Taco Bell, and Geico.

His roles in blockbusters, such as Wonder Woman, helped him accumulate a sizable wealth. In addition, the bodybuilder maintains his own fitness-related YouTube channel.

Furthermore, Kali Muscle also owns a home in Oakland, California, which is valued at more than $1 million.