Where Is Kelly Ronahan In 2022? Munchausen Syndrome And Untold Story

Few people have observed Kelly’s change from a healthy woman with aspirations of returning to ballet to a fragile woman who needed leg amputation to save her life. Her story is undeniably heartfelt, and as the recent rumors have buzzed about her death, people who had witnessed Kelly’s transformation are worried. Read into details.

Where Is Kelly Ronahan In 2022?

Kelly Ronahan was living her life following her leg amputation in May 2021. Her last Instagram post is from April 2021, and in a long post, she wrote about her feeling concluding that your inner beauty never needs makeup.

The year 2014 marked Kelly Ronahan’s first year of recognition. The young and talented ballet dancer Ronahn’s journey took a strange, tragic turn, and no one could identify her disease.

Kelly switched from one enigmatic disease to the next, leading to accusations that she fabricated her symptoms to garner attention. One of the Internet rumors claims that she intentionally caused sepsis by injecting feces into her legs.

After plucking at the sores on her legs, Kelly previously revisited the hospital a few weeks after her optimistic Instagram post. To save her legs, she was admitted for three days, where several specialists evaluated her, but none of them could determine what was wrong with her.

As the time passed, Kelly lost sensation in her ankles and legs. Her inability to stop interfering with healing and the wounds’ enormity prevented them from healing. As she already had lost her toe at that point, doctors eventually advised her to have her leg amputated. She reportedly had her leg amputated in May 2021.

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TikTok Reacts To Kelly’s Munchausen Syndrome And Untold Story

Munchausen’s syndrome is a psychological condition in which a person feigns disease or purposefully exhibits symptoms of illness. Their primary goal is to act ill so that they would receive care and attract attention from others.

Kelly Ronahan, the young and skilled dancer began her medical journey in the beginning of 2014 stating she required weekly blood transfusions to treat a rare blood illness.

The reason why her hemoglobin level continued falling each week baffled doctors. Up to March 2016, she had received 95 liters of blood. The former ballet dancer and student at Okanagan College claimed that Ronahan’s life was on hold due to her condition.

Kelly Ronahan, the shocking life story of a ballet instructor
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In an interview with Global News, Kelly stated that her body continued deteriorating week after week, lowering her energy levels. Despite receiving blood transfusions, her health deteriorated and she could not resume her position as a ballet instructor.

Netizens were sympathetic to Kelly’s plight and flooded her with support and encouragement each time she provided an update about her health. To motivate others to donate blood, she joined a blood donating organization. 

It was first noticed in July 2016 as she was hospitalized for seizures but later doctors realized that she was fabricating them. The hospital released her for faking her health condition, and she was thought to be someone with a psychological condition “Munchausen’s syndrome.”

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Kelly Ronahan’s Wikipedia: Is She Dead Or Still Alive?

Kelly Ronahan does not have a Wikipedia page. As of this moment, several social media accounts have reported her death; however, it has not been confirmed.

Early in 2017, she developed sepsis due to an infection in her port. Following her infection, she visited the hospital in April 2017. While her blood was collected, her hemoglobin was normal. It raised the possibility that she had made up a rare disease to get attention.

A twitter post made by a user following the death rumor of Kelly Ronahan
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Kelly disproved the rumors saying the doctor was scheming to harm her. She claimed that MS and uterine fibroids were to blame for her blood condition.

In April 2018, the doctors refused to give her a prescription for pain medicine despite her claims that she was in excruciating pain. While several people sympathized with her and blamed doctor, there were other who were angry with her to fabricate her disease for attention.

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