Navy Football Coach Ken Niumatalolo Wife Barbara Niumatalolo Is From Guam

Ken Niumatalolo wife Barbara Niumatalolo was an athlete at the University of Hawaii. Ken and Barbara have parented three kids. 

Ken and Barbara are college sweethearts who later went on to parent three children who followed in their footsteps. Niumatalolo family shares a close bond with one of their son working at the Navy football team with his father.

On December 11, news broke out that the winningest coach in the history of the Navy football program would not return after 15 years at the helm. Niumatalolo’s firing came as a shock to many. 

But the higher-ups of the Navy insisted the coach knew his job was in jeopardy and his staying or not was not proportional to the game they had against Army. 

Ken Niumatalolo Wife Barbara Niumatalolo

Ken Niumatalolo wife Barbara Niumatalolo was born and raised on the island nation of Guam. 

Barbara and Ken met at the University of Hawaii, where she was on the swimming team, and Ken was a star quarterback. The college lovers soon tied the knot right after graduating from college. 

Ken and Barbara pictured together at their youngest son, Ali'i in 2016
Source : instagram

And though her husband maybe not be from Guam like her, Ken, to say the least, is a huge fan of the small nation of 170k people. When the former coach of Nave visited Guam in 2017 to celebrate his mother-in-law’s 80th birthday party, the coach had many wonderful things to say about the country.

During their initial years as a married couple, Ken and Barbara were left in a severe financial situation. Ken didn’t have a fixed job, which meant Barbara would have to run the house.

It was a frustrating situation for the couple, but they never let that frustration affect their married life. Being a spouse of a football coach is a difficult task. Ask Beth Satterfield about it.

Barbara Niumatalolo pictured with her three kids, Ali'i, Alexia and Va'a.
Source : instagram

Barbara knew if she wanted to live happily married to the man of her dreams, some sacrifices needed to be made. The first one was to shun being a materialistic woman. 

In her interview with Baltimore Magazine, Barbara talked about their initial days as a married couple and reflected on how far she and Ken had come as, once upon a time, seeing pizza on a plate was a luxury for them.

Barbara Niumatalolo and her husband Ken Niumatalolo pictured at the Navy Stadium in 2013
Source : instagram

Barbara is available on Instagram with the username @bniumat and has her account in private mode. Her children explain her as more of a hands-on mother. She inspired her kids to take up some musical instruments during their school days.

Though the current situation of Ken Niumatalolo might not be as bad as it was in the 90s, the coach will once again turn to his partner for support. 

Barbara Niumatalolo Is Mother To Three Children

Navy football coach partner Barbara Niumatalolo is mother to three athletic children.  

Barbara and Ken might have had a rocky start to their married life, but for the two, those days are far behind as many things have in their life since the 90s. They became parents to three kids and grandparents to three.

1. Alexcia Niumatalolo

Alexcia Niumatalolo pictured with her daughter and her husband Jon Cummings in 2019
Source : facebook

Alexcia Niumatalolo, age 33, is the first child of the couple and is a former lacrosse player at the University of Maryland. A graduate of Broadneck high school, Alexcia was redshirted by Maryland as a junior in 2010.

Alexcia is currently married to Jon Cummings, and the two welcomed their first child in 2018, a beautiful baby girl. 

2. Va’a Niumatalolo

Va'a Niumatalolo pictured with his newborn baby and his spose(left) Kenzie and mom Barbara and dad Ken in 2020
Source : capitalgazette

Va’a Niumatalolo, age 29, is the first son of Barbara and Ken and is currently employed with the Navy.

Va’a is the defensive analyst of the Navy and is a former football player at Brigham Young University. He played as a linebacker at BYU, and at BYU he even found his soulmate. He tied the knot with his wife, Kenzie, in 2015, and the couple is parents to two children.

He previously worked in the coaching team of the Hawaii football program and has worked under the football coaches such as Brian Blick.

3. Ali’i Niumatalolo

Ali'i Niumatalolo pictured with his mom Barbara after Utah's game on November 6, 2017
Source : instagram

Ali’i Niumatalolo is the youngest son of Ken and Barbara and was a tight end on the University of Utah’s football team. 

In 2019, Ali’i Niumatalolo received a scholarship from Utah and had previously discussed the stress of being a coach’s kid. Ali’i, with his siblings and parents, was featured in a documentary in 2014 called, Meet the Mormons.

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