Louis Rees Zammit Parents Maxine And Joe Rees Zammit Are Former Athletes

Louis Rees Zammit parents Maxine and Joe Rees Zammit have athletic backgrounds. Louis has an older brother in Taylor Zammit.

The young Wales player, Louis Rees Zammit, made his International debut in 2020 for Wales, the land that his paternal grandfather had immigrated from the island nation Malta. 

Nicknamed “Rees-Lightning” by his coaches, Louis was a target for Eddie Jones, who wanted him to represent England, but his heart was already set to play for Wales. But his older brother has chosen to represent Malta on international stages. 

The 21-year-old recently suffered from an ankle injury which has wiped out domestic and European fixtures for him. But he remains hopeful that he will be in full health by the Guinness Six Nations Championship begins in February 2023.

Louis Rees Zammit Mother Maxine And Father Joe Were Athletes

Louis Rees Zammit father Joe Rees Zammit and mother Maxine Rees Zammit have mixed heritage. 

Louis gets his middle name from his mum Maxine, who is Welsh, and his last name from his dad, who is Maltese. Now the rugby player represents Wales but could’ve also represented England as his paternal grandfather had first made his way to London before moving to Cardiff. 

Louis Rees Zammit pictured with his mother Maxine during their vacation in Monaco in 2021
Source : instagram

Maxine Rees Zammit has a sporting background. Maxine was a talented netball player for her country, and her brother Paul was a rugby player for Wales B and played as a fullback. 

One look at Louis’s Instagram handle, and you will see that Maxine is a regular feature on her son’s Instagram handle. The footballer has in the past shared sweet tributes for his mum on her birthday and mother’s day.  

From attending his games in the stadiums to going out on vacation, the mother-son have a strong bond. The Zammit family had taken a short trip to Monaco in 2021, and the Wales player tagged his mom in one of the photos. 

Louis Rees Zammit pictured with family and friends in Principality Stadium in 2021
Source : instagram

It won’t be wrong for Joe Rees Zammit to take credit for his son’s lightening speed pace. He played for Cardiff Bay Tigers, which plays American football. 

Currently, Joe is a property developer and makes sure to attend Louis’s games for Wales with his wife. 

Louis Rees Zammit Father Joe Rees Zammit

Louis Rees Zammit father Joe Rees Zammit played football for Cardiff Bay Tigers. Joe was a pacy individual during his heyday. 

Joe Rees Zammit might be working as a property developer nowadays, but there was a time when he was famous for his athletic exploits. 

Louis Rees Zammit (right) pictured with dad Joe and his brother Taylor in 2018
Source : instagram

In an interview with Telegraph, Louis said Joe would talk to him about his playing days, but Louis who was a teenager at the time didn’t always pay attention to it. And don’t think that the football player is ungrateful. The Welsh lad did give his father the due credit and said he got the speed from him. 

A former player of Cardiff Bay Tigers, Joe Rees Zammit played American football when it was at its peak in Wales. Though there isn’t much noise about the sport anymore as all the hype is taken away by the sport that his son has made his son a household name.

Joe who also goes by the name Joseph Zammit is a property developer
Source : instagram

Joe whose full name is Joseph is available on Instagram with the username @joseph.l.zammit but has it on private. It would be unfair if Louis hadn’t shared any picture of his dad on his Instagram page like he did for his mom.

It has been years since Joe last put on his rubgy shoes, but the property developer has made sure to maintain his physique. On the photos shared by Louis on his Instagram handle shows that the man in his mid-50s still has a physique enough to compete with his two sons. 

Louis Rees Zammit Family

Louis Rees Zammit comes from a family with roots in the island nation Malta. 

Louis’s grandfather Joseph Zammit was an immigrant from Malta who first came to settle in London. He later started his family in the capital of Wales, Cardiff. Joseph passed away at 88 on January 23, 2022.

The football player shared the news of his grandfather’s demise on his Instagram handle and wrote the caption, “RIP Grampy Joe.” During his last days, Joseph resided in Liverpool.

Louis Rees Zammit clicks a selfie with his family in their home in Wales in 2016
Source : instagram

The talented individual, Louis, was raised in Wales with his brother by his parents, Maxine and Joe Rees Zammit. Taylor, 26, unlike his brother, has chosen to represent his father’s nation, Malta, on international stages. 

Taylor made his debut for Malta against Slovenia in 2021. The two brothers attended Cathedral School in Llandaff, and later the younger sibling attended Hartpury College. 

The brothers celebrated Taylor turning 26 in the Ivy Asia restaurant in Cardiff. Unlike the boys of their age, the siblings were seen with their mom and dad instead of a group of friends. 

Louis(centre) with his dad Joe and his brother Taylor(right) celebrate Taylor's 26th birthday in 2022
Source : instagram

The two brothers support American football and were seen wearing Saquon Barkley’s jersey as they attended the NFL UK game in Tottenham Stadium in 2022.

The Wales Online recently reported that the NFL scouts are interested in signing the 21-year-old. If Louis does end up signing for an NFL team it is to be seen whether his mom and dad will move with him to the States. 

So, don’t be shocked if you one day come across Louis’s Instagram handle and see him rubbing shoulders with the likes of Aaron Donald and Derwin James

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