Mischa Zverev Wife Evgenia Zverev And Their Married Life

Mischa Zverev and his wife Evgenia Zverev were happily married in 2017. Mischa and Evgenia are parents of two kids.

Mikhail “Mischa” Alexandrovich Zverev is a professional tennis player from Germany. However, he was born in Moscow, Russia, on August 22, 1987, and began playing tennis at a young age.

Zverev has succeeded on the ATP Tour, with his highest ranking being No. 36 in the world in 2017. The year he was married to his long-term lover Evgenia. Last month in November, the couple had a grand celebration on the fifth year of their wedding anniversary.

Mischa Zverev And Wife Evgenia Zverev Married In 2017

Mischa Zverev and his wife Evgenia Zverev tied the wedding knot in November 2017 in Switzerland.

Evgenia shared a picture on November 12, 2017, a B&W image where the couple was sharing a kiss during the wedding, and all the guests were clapping their hands with excitement. 

Mischa and Evgenia were married on November 7, 2017, at Mairie de Cologny in Switzerland.
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“Our special day, 7.11.2017, Thank you to everyone who shared this moment with us.” she captioned the post and also expressed her gratitude to everyone who attended the ceremony and enjoyed it with them.

She was dressed simply in a deep-neck tube gown, with her hair partially pulled back and a crown perched atop her head, while Mischa wore a basic suit shirt and pants.

Mischa and Evgenia riding a stream boat at New York, Manhattan in August 2019.
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The Hamburg, Germany, homeborn Mischa is not much of a social media guy and has very few posts related to his personal life or relationship. However, he does have a fan page on Facebook. The fan page uploaded a video on their first wedding anniversary in June 2018 to commemorate the special day. 

Meanwhile, Evgenia’s partner is active on Instagram. She posted a photo of herself cuddling her spouse on a steamer boat ride from New York City to Manhattan in August 2019.

In October 2017, she posted a cute picture with her pet dog and a giant flower bouquet Mischa gifted her on their relationship anniversary. The center of the bouquet is shaped like a heart with red roses, and other roses surround the rest.

Evgenia's picture was taken by her husband Mischa during their trip to Monte-Carlo, Monaco, in August 2020.
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For their December 2021 holiday tour, the couple chose their destination in Finolhu Baa Atoll, a luxury resort in Kanufushi Island, Hithaadhoo, Maldives.

Similarly, a few months ago in October, Mischa and Evgenia, with their two children, went on a vacation trip to a luxurious island in Maldives, Joali Being. 

Mischa and Evgenia with Mishanya riding a quad enjoying their time on a beach in Playa Diamante, Mexico.
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“Feeling recharged and prepared to go back to reality. But also ready to come back here any time.” Evgenia’s caption says it all.

Mischa And Evgenia Has Two Kids

Mischa And Evgenia Has have been blessed with two wonderful kids from their marriage so far.

Evgenia’s Instagram is crammed with pictures of his two sons. She posted a picture of her and Mischa chilling on a boat in Miami, Florida, in March 2018. The next photo she uploaded was taken a year later, in March 2019, when she already had a baby.

Evgenia and Mishanya were playing with snow at Rosinka Residential Complex, Moscow, Russia, in February 2021.
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So it implies their first son, Mishanya, was born between those two timelines from March 2018 to March 2019. She shared an image of her family of three on her first birthday as a mother.

Evgenia is the founder of a massage studio, Oenothera Massage, and a beauty salon, Oenothera Beauty, both firms based in Monaco. Their second baby boy came early this year. 

On 2019 Mother’s Day, Instagram shared another image with her little one. She was enjoying every ounce of the motherhood chapter in her life. Similarly, on March 2020, Mischa with her spouse and kid were seen blowing candles out of the birthday cake on her birthday. 

The Zverev family was seen swimming in Joali Being island, Maldives, in October 2022.
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In August 2020, the couple went on a trip to Villefranche-sur-Mer, a resort city in France. She uploaded a nice cozy picture of the three waking by the alley in the beautiful town. 

Similarly, in April 2021, they were in Munich, Germany, sitting and enjoying leisure time in a park. Evgenia captioned the image, saying, “Thank you for bringing out the child in us.”

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