Nadine Visser Boyfriend Steven Nuytinck Is A Dutch Athlete

Nadine Visser boyfriend Steven Nuytinck is a former Dutch high jumper. Steven and Nadine are dating for 10 years in 2022.

Steven is a two-time Netherlands national champion in long jumping. Nuytinck was born on January 28, 1991. He has an undergraduate degree in law.

Steven was born in Goesenaar and was selected as a part of the Dutch selection at European Championships.

Nadine is from Hoorn, Netherlands. Nadine started heptathlon and later went to high hurdles. During the 2017 European under-23 Championship, she won a gold medal in the 100m hurdles. And in 2021, she finished in the 5th position in the 100m hurdles. Similarly, in 2019, she became the 2019 European Athletics Indoor Champion for the 60m hurdles.

Nadine Visser Boyfriend Steven Nuytinck Athletic Career

Nadine Visser boyfriend Steven Nuytinck had to quit the long jump after a leg injury in 2017.

Both of his national championships were bestowed to him in the year 2017. His first was on 12 February 2017, for the long jump at the mark of 7.53. It was held in Apeldoorn.
Similarly, his second national championship was on 15 July 2017, at 7.49; the event was held in Utrecht.

Nuytinck showed great promise in his early career with his performance in 400 meters hurdles. So he was invited to train for the national selection at Papendal, a national-level Olympic training center in the Netherlands. At Papendal, he later focused on being a long jumper. 

Steven long jumping during NK Athletics 2017.
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The year 2017 seemed to be both fortunate and unfortunate for him as this was the year his career peaked, and this also happened to be the same year that he had to bid his life as a top athlete goodbye. Nuytinck injured himself and tore his Achilles tendon. 

During the club championship, his ankle braced the full impact of his take-off during a high jump, and he fell on the mat. He had to go through multiple surgeries to heal it. He said he never participated in that competition that derailed his top sports career.

After the injury, he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to return to his practice. During this time, Nadine’s father suggested that he should play football as a goalkeeper. After a consultation with a physiotherapist, Steven now plays football at Uni VV as a modest goalkeeper, where he occasionally assumes the role of a striker.

Nadine and Steven Are Together For Ten Years In 2022

Nadine and Steven have been seeing each other since July 20, 2012, when they first met at the Papendal.

Steven’s career as a top athlete might have come to an end, but it was through sports he met Nadine. Steven first noticed Nadine at Papendal. However, Nadine overlooked Steven at first.

The Dutch couple lives together in Arnhem. The pair like to spend time at home, watching series or playing board games. During their board games, Nadine noticed that a top sports mentality still lives in Steven, and she likes to see him get competitive. 

Similarly, Nadine took on Instagram to mark their seventh year of dating and credited Steven for sticking with her for these seven years.

Nadine posted a photo of her with Steven looking over the hills to mark their 10 years of togetherness.
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Nadine and Steven marked their ten years together in July of 20 this year. Nadine took to Instagram to post pictures of them standing together facing the sun and a throwback of them when they were young. She sweetly captioned it by writing ten years down & forever to go.

Nadine posted a throwback photo to when they were young on their 10th year dating anniversary.
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The couple recalled that 2017 was stressful for them as Steven was still healing from his injury, so he had his leg in a cast, and they were still looking to find a place to live together. It was in the same year she chose sprinting over heptathlon. 

Together, they traveled across the Netherlands and vacationed in Taiwan in 2017. Recently, they traveled to Italy, where they were spotted boating in Cheti and roaming through Rome.

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