Who Is Pamela Schneider From München? What You Didn't Know About The Model

Pamela Schneider Taking Selfie For Her Facebook Profile Picture

Pamela Schneider is a skillful model and a hair makeup artist with good potential for working with makeup arts.

The makeup artist Pamela was born in August in Newyork city. She completed her education at UVA - Universidade Veiga de Almeida and she went to Rede MV1 de Ensino high school.

However, we get to know she is currently living in Germany through her Facebook account. On the makeup artist's Facebook, she mentioned that she is already married though she has not posted photos of her husband.

Furthermore, she has mentioned in her Facebook bio that she is a model. As a model, she might be working with different brands to promote their products and earn a good salary.

In addition, Schneider has a well-maintained body and a sound body figure. Moreover, looking at her photos, she might be following a strict diet plan to maintain her body.

Who Is Pamela Schneider From München? 

Pamela Schneider is a model and a skillful makeup artist originally from Munchen.

However, we get to know that Pamela is interested in riding a heavy motorbike from her teenager. She likes riding motorcycles fast, and she has a dream to become a racer. Her favorite motorbike is the "Suzuki GSXR 600" which is about 600c and has wonderful look.

Pamela Scheider Smilling For Her Photo
Pamela Scheider Smilling For Her Photo( Source : facebook )

Moreover, the artist got a prominent place in the world's most successful men, and lifestyle magazine, The magazine name PLAYBOY was issued on February 15 on Friday. Schneider's photo was posted in playboy magazine, and most people give positive feedback.

In addition, she has mentioned contacting her for press photos, photoshoots, or makeup through email. She has an average fan base on her social media account, which supports her and showers her with lots of love.

Who is Pamela Schneider's Partner?

Pamela Scheider's partner's name is Roman, who is famously known for being a lover of the skilled makeup artists.

Pamela Scheider Doing Workout With Her Friend
Pamela Scheider Doing Workout With Her Friend( Source : facebook )

Moreover, on July 13, Pamela Scheider and her partner Roman attended the 50th-anniversary celebration of Playboy Germany on July 13, 2022, in Munich German.

However, both couple seems happy with their relationship while watching photos on the internet and on Instagram. It looks like Roam is an understanding partner who supports her in being a model and a makeup artist in her career.

Furthermore, there is not much more information about Pamela and her Partner's relationship on the internet or on social media. Although there is no information about the couple, we get to know they both are living happily with each other from their fans and followings.

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Pamela Schneider Family

We get to know that Pamela's Mom and Dad were very supportive, and she was well cared for by her mom and dad at an early age. Pamela's parents might have suggested she join makeup classes from a young age.

Moreover, Schneider has not disclosed her Parent's names on the internet and other media. It looks like she is quite a secretive person who does not like to publicize personal information, and she neither mentions her sibling's details on the internet.