Phil Longo Wife Tanya Longo Coached Basketball Team At Slippery Rock University

Phil Longo wife Tanya Longo is the former head coach of Slippery Rock women’s basketball. Phil and Tanya married in 2010.

Longo and his spouse bonded over coffee as the former basketball coach loved brewing coffee, and he stole the beverage she prepared. At that time, they worked in the same building for different college programs and were associated with separate sports. 

The power couple fell in love, married, started a family, and welcomed four kids together. However, Tanya decided to retire when she realized the 2-year-old Gianna had two babysitters while her parents were busy in their professions. Since then, she has dedicated all her time to her beloved family and has served as the Longo clan head.

Phil Longo Wife Tanya Longo Is A Former Basketball Coach

Phil Longo wife Tanya Longo is the former coach who trained at two collegiate women’s basketball programs.

Tanya was the eighth coach in Slippery Rock University women’s basketball history as the head. Before joining Slippery Rock, she spent nine seasons at the NCAA Division I level.

Tanya Longo became the Slippery Rock head coach in 2010.
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She spent two seasons at Southern Illinois University as an assistant coach and one season as head coach at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Likewise, she had a seven-year run with Santa Clara University and Drake University (Division I basketball), per her official profile on Rock Athletics.

Moreover, Phil’s significant other is an alma mater of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, graduating in 1998. Mrs. Longo began her coaching career in 1999-2000, serving as an assistant under Lisa Stone at her alma mater and following her to Drake University before she arrived at SCU.

Phil And Tanya Married Life

The Longo couple walked down the aisle in 2010 and have been married for 12 years in 2022.

The Wisconsin Badgers offensive coordinator met his life partner while working at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and coffee brought them together. Tanya was a UMD women’s basketball coach then.

The Longo pair wore classy fit during a date night in 2016.
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The pair had their office in the same building, and Tanya loved brewing coffee in the evenings. Her office was the only place where Phil could find coffee without going out, so he would steal coffee from her, and that’s how they bonded.

After spending some time knowing and understanding each other, they exchanged wedding vows and promised to be by one another’s side for better or worse. Moreover, the couple marks their wedding anniversary on the 18th of September every year.

Phil And Tanya Have Four Children

Phil and Tanya have welcomed four adorable children, Gianna, Marcaria, Morgan, and Nico.

Tanya gave birth to her eldest child, a baby girl named Gianna, in 2011, and she turned 11 on the 19th of March, 2022. After two years of Gianna’s arrival, their second child, Marcaria, made it safely into the world.

Phil and Tanya took their kids to Spring Ball 2021.
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Born in 2013, the 9-year-old Marcaria celebrates her birthday on the 26th of June every year. Furthermore, Tanya blessed Phil with twins Nico Giovanni and Morgan in 2019. The twins will mark their 3rd birthday on the 31st of January, 2023.

Tanya Longo Homeschooled Her Children

As per Issuu Inc., Tanya Longo holds homeschooled her kids since they became of school age. 

She graduated with a degree in elementary/middle school education from The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, so she is qualified to give the best teaching to her children. 

Phil with his family at the eighth win of North Carolina.
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Moreover, the power couple, who has an athletic background, has encouraged their kids to play different sports to find the one they love and are passionate about pursuing in the future.

The siblings play tennis, soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, and more, and their parents also take them to college sporting events. Thus, Gianna, Marcaria, Morgan, and Nico receive knowledge and guidance from academics and sports and more from their mother and father.

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