Ryan Helsley Wife Alex Helsley Is A Doctor of Optometry In Oklahoma

Ryan Helsley wife Alex Helsley is a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in optometry. Ryan met Alex at NSU.

Soon after they started dating in 2015, Ryan received a second shot for the MLB draft.

The 27-year-old who went undrafted in 2013 found a spot in St. Louis Cardinals team two years later and has been with them for the last seven years. Between making his debut in 2019, Helsley had to play in several minor league teams. 

2022 has been a special year for the pitcher both on and off the field. Ryan was named to the MLB All-Star Game and became the first Cardinal player since 2019 to achieve this title. And in August, he welcomed his first child with his partner Alex.

Ryan Helsley Wife Alex Helsley Is An Optometrist

Ryan Helsley wife Alex Helsley is an optometrist from Oklahoma with a degree from Northeastern State University. 

Alex Helsley, age 25, graduated from NSU earlier this year, on May 5, 2022, with a doctorate in optometry after four grueling years of hard work. She shared the news of her graduation on her Instagram handle, where she shared a thread of photos with her family and friends who were present at her graduation ceremony.

Alex Helsley shares graduation pictures as she receives her doctorate degree from NSU in 2022
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Alex is not the only child of her family and has an older sister named Emily Sconyers. Emily tied the knot with her husband Kyle in 2015 and is an artist. 

At NSU, Alex was also on the basketball cheerleading team and a former basketball player at her high school. 

At NSU Alex was in the basketball cheerleading team until 2015
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This was Alex’s second degree from NSU, with her first coming in 2018. Alex previously bore the last name Butcher and showed her certificate of being an outstanding senior of NSU on her social media handle.

The Oklahoma native graduated from Muldrow High School and by the looks of her photos, seemed to have been interested in becoming an optometrist since a young age. On World Optometry  Day, which falls on March 25, Alex shared a photo of her in her formal clothes and pictures of her at a clinic. 

Alex Helsley pictured at Cherokee National Outpatient Health Center on January 23, 2020
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Alex previously used to work at Cherokee Nation Outpatient Health Center, Oklahoma. The optometrist started 2020 on a positive note as she had her first clinic day on January 23, 2022. 

As she has graduated, Alex is probably searching for the best clinic possible to begin her practice. In her graduation pictures, Alex looks heavily pregnant as she and Ryan are awaiting the birth of their first child.

Ryan Helsley And Alex Butcher Tied The Knot In 2021

Ryan Helsley and Alex Butcher started dating each other in 2015 and married four years later.

Ryan and Alex are both Oklahoma natives. The couple is believed to have crossed paths for the first time in NSU, where Ryan made a thrilling start to his baseball career after going undrafted in 2013. By the time he reached his sophomore season, Ryan was drafted by St. Louis Cardinals.

Ryan and Alex went Instagram official with this picture in 2015 which the optometrist shared on her Instagram handle
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Early Beginnings For The Young Love

Alex went Instagram official with Ryan on June 13, 2015, the same day the Cardinals drafted him. Two weeks later, Alex made a thirteen-hour trip to see him make his first pitch. 

A year later, in 2016, the couple took a trip to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and hiked to a wine vineyard. From day one, Alex has always supported her partner and baseball career. 

Alex hugs her boyfriend as they are pictured at Dozer Park on June 14, 2016
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That year she went on to cheer for Ryan at Dozer Park, where Ryan played one season for Poria Chiefs and was also crowned Mid-West All-Star. The couple decided to celebrate the occasion in Chi-city for Alex’s birthday. 

As the years passed, Ryan played for several teams before making his eventual debut with the Cardinals, and during those years, Alex made sure to cheer her partner at all his games. 

Whether it was during his time at Palm Beach Cardinals or Memphis Redbirds, she would be present at all those games. 

Ryan Proposed To His Girlfriend Alex

2018 was an eventful year for the couple. Alex graduated from ASU with her first degree and decided to enroll in optometry, and Ryan was promoted from Memphis during that time.

The couple spent Thanksgiving together, and Ryan also made it to the 40-man roster of Cardinals. But the Christmas of 2018 was going to be extra special for them as the pitcher proposed to his long-time girlfriend.

Ryan proposed Alex in Silver Dollar City, Missouri on December 1, 2018 as Alex shows off her engagement ring
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In 2019, during spring break, Alex packed her bag as she traveled to Missouri to see her man train with the Cardinals. After she returned from Missouri, Alex selected her bridal dress at Ellis Bridal.

Throughout 2019, Alex kept traveling back and forth between Oklahoma and Missouri as she continued to visit the Cardinal’s stadium during the game days. In her photos, she also hints that the marriage would take place in December. 

Ryan And Alex Married In 2021

Though Alex dropped hints that the marriage would take place in December 2019, they waited until 2021. The pandemic could have played a major role in the ceremony getting delayed.

And in that gap of one year, the couple started living together and also adopted a pet dog. On July 13, 2021, the couple tied the knot in the presence of their friends and family members.

Alex and Ryan look ethereal as they tie the knot on July 13, 2021 in a garden-themed wedding ceremony
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The marriage photo was also the first one Ryan had ever uploaded on his social media handle about his partner. And if Ryan was satisfied sharing one photograph from the wedding, excited Alex shared several photos from that ceremony. 

The couple had a garden wedding. Ryan’s spouse shared a video compilation as well as her top 10 favorite photos from their marriage ceremony.

Ryan And Alex Welcomed A Baby To Their Family In 2022

Alex Helsley and Ryan welcomed a baby daughter Eliana Ray Helsley in August 2022.

2021 was like a dream for the two as they finally tied the knot, and 2022 was not going to be less special for them. On Valentines Day, Alex shared the sonogram pictures and captioned a saying from Bible. 

Ryan and Alex welcome their first child Eliana Ray Helsley on August 19, 2022 as Ryan holds his child
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The doctor then shared a photo from her photo shoot session in her 24th week on her Instagram handle. She also received a special gift from her sister, who made her an elephant from paper mache. 

When Alex graduated from NSU in May, she was heavily pregnant, and a few weeks later, she celebrated her first anniversary with the Cardinals pitchers. Finally, the much-awaited day arrived on August 19, 2022.

Ryan and Alex spend their first thanksgiving with their daughter Eliana as Ryan holds his daughter in his arms
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Alex gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter, whom she with her husband named Eliana Ray Helsley. Eliana has already traveled to Busch Stadium, and her first baseball game was Cardinals Vs. Nationals on September 9.

The Helsley family celebrated their first Thanksgiving with Eliana this year as Alex shared a picture of her husband holding Eliana in his arms as she stood by their side. 

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