Who Are Sam Uffindell Parents? Wife Julia Responds To Bullying Scandal

Sam Uffindell

Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell's parents have supported him in his political career for years. 

Sam Uffindell is a well-known New Zealand politician and Tauranga electorate's Member of Parliament since 2022. He has been in the political party "National" since 2008. 

The politician has recently been facing scandals after revealing his violent assault attack on a high school. He privately offered an apology to the victim.

However, the incident seems to be getting heavy on the politician after becoming scandalous just nine months before his political aspirations public announcement.

The MP Says, "I'm ashamed of the person I was." Let's hear more about his lifestyle amid the controversy. 

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Who Are Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell Parents? 

Tauranga MP Sam Uffindell was born to his parents in Auckland, New Zealand. He came from a family with no political background. 

His dad owned a computer company; meanwhile, his mom was an English lecturer. Sam's parents have helped him get through college and a degree while supporting his political career. 

Regardless of their son being a famous public figure, they have preferred to live a low-profile life. He previously went to King's College but was expelled when he was just 16 years of age. 

His violent attack on the victim back in his high school has come to a flash, bringing much attention to his parents. He then finished his education in Hamilton at St Paul's Collegiate School. 

Further, he enrolled in the University of Otago for his Bachelor's studies and the University of New South Wales for his Master's. 

More than two decades after the assault incident, he faced scandals after it got revealed to the public. The victim was only 13 years of age back then and suffered from severe trauma and bruising.  

Is Sam Uffindell Married To Wife Julia? His Children

Yes, Sam Uffindell is married to his wife, Julia. The couple tied a knot back in 2015 and has been together for more than six years. 

Sam and Julia met each other at the University of Otago when the politician was pursuing his Bachelor's degree. They eventually dated and began a new life together, sharing three children. 

The couple was college sweethearts who started their married life after getting hitched. As for Julia, she lives a private life and barely makes her public appearance. 

Also, their children seem to be in their school years now and are slowly growing. Uffindell often shares pictures of his family on social media. 

More On Sam Uffindell Family Background And Religion

Sam Uffindell didn't come from a political family background; instead, he grew up with his parents, whose father was a computer company owner, and his mother, an English lecturer. 

Also, he has not mentioned anything about his religion or comments on it. Regardless, the public has shown their interest in knowing more. 

As a politician, he seems to be living his professional and personal life separately. However, his past personal life has recently become controversial in his political career.