Sira Martinez Is An Equestrian And The Girlfriend Of Ferran Torres

Sira Martinez is a Spanish equestrian with famous connections in the footballing world. Her father, Luis Enrique, is a manager, and her boyfriend, Ferran Torres, is a footballer for Spain.

And unlike other kids with famous parents, Sira has been able to forge a name in the world of sports on her own. She has already been an equestrian world champion at her youth level.

The 22-year-old went public with her relationship with the Barcelona player, Ferran Torres, right after he moved to Barca earlier this year. He is currently in Qatar along with her father, Luis Enrique, who is eyeing to lead Spain to its second World Cup title.

In her latest post, it looks like Sira is still in her home and hasn’t traveled to Qatar. But who knows? We might see Martinez cheering for her country against Costa Rica on Wednesday. 

Sira Martinez Is An Equestrian and a Polo Player

Sira Martinez, age 22, is an equestrian and a promising athlete in her sport. Though her first love has always been equestrianism, she is also a polo player.

Martinez first fell in love with the sport when she was five. Little Sira was mesmerized by the animal, but her famous parents didn’t quite understand the fuss about it the first time around.

Sira Martinez, pictured at the Jackie equestrian in 2021
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At 13, Sira received her first pony from her parents. And now Sira lives 1000 miles from her native country Spain, in Belgium, the country famously known for the sport itself.

And has she achieved any success in the field, or is she one of the many rich kids who are in the sport for the sake of fun for a short time? Let me tell you, the girl is very serious when it comes to being an equestrian. 

In 2020, Sira became the jumping champion in the young rider category, and last month in the Sunshine Tour held in Spain, she ended with a top place in the 1.50 LR class. 

Sira Martinez with her horse Mano competing at the Vejer de la Frontera in October
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For the competition, Sira was partnered with her horse Mano who has been her trusted ally since 2020. The two had competed in the Meditteranean Equestrian Tour earlier this year and had earned a fifth-place finish. 

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Sira stated that as she gets old, she sees herself on a farm raising horses as she competes in horse riding events taking place throughout the world.

Sira Martinez Is The Girlfriend Of Ferran Torres

Sira Martinez is the girlfriend of Ferran Torres, the football player of the Spanish giants Barcelona. The young couple has been together since late 2021.

Sira was previously in a relationship with Curro Goyoaga, an equestrian like her. Curro came from a family with a celebrated history in the sport, and it remains unknown why the two broke up.

Sira Martinez with her boyfriend Ferran Torres at the party event in Ibiza
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And the reason doesn’t matter anymore as the Spanish equestrian is head over heels for her current boyfriend. Ferran hopes to bring glory to Spain as he is one of the 26 players set to represent his country in one of the most controversial World Cups.

The couple went public with their romance at the beginning of the year, a few weeks after Torres moved to Campo Nou. The forward shared the photo of Sira in his Instagram story after she won a horse riding competition.

Since then, Ferran and Sira have been mainstays on each other’s Instagram profiles. Earlier this year, the couple had taken a trip to the world-famous party scene, Ibiza.

Sira Martinez and Ferran Torres hold hands as they enter the stadium in to watch the tennis tournament Barcelona Open in April
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The two were also seen holding hands in the Barcelona Open Tournament in April. And when her boyfriend transferred to Spain, Sira had a new reason to travel to Campo Nou on weekends.

Before that, Sira would travel to Campo Nou to watch her father, Luis Enrique. Her father is a former Barca player and manager. He is also the man who currently manages her boyfriend in their country.

Sira Martinez Is The Daughter Of Luis Enrique

Sira Martinez is the daughter of Luis Enrique, the current manager of Spain. Sira is the middle child of the former Barcelona manager and player.

Luis Enrique is one of the football players who had the honor of representing two of Spain’s biggest clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The former Barca manager was also the second manager in the Catalan club’s history to win the historic treble with one of the most dangerous frontlines the football had ever seen in MSN.

Luis Enrique and his late daughter Xana pictured after Enrique guided his Barca side to 2014 Champions League victory
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Luis Enrique and his wife, economist Elena Cullell, tied the knot in 1997 and brought their son Pacho Martinez into the world a year later. Two years later, after Pachos’ birth, the couple welcomed their daughter Sira.

Their youngest daughter and the one who Luis was seen celebrating Barca’s treble victory with Xana Martinez was born in 2010. But unfortunately, Sira’s youngest sister suffered from bone cancer. After five intense months, she passed away in August 2019.

Luis Enrique pictured for the World Cup 2022 on November 18, 2022
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The current Spain manager, during the previous international tournament, received backlash for having a prejudice toward Real Madrid players. Despite the accusations, Enrique was able to lead his side to a semi-final finish in the Euros.

Last week the Spain manager announced that he would be live streaming on Twitch. Within a few hours of that announcement, Enrique amassed 58,000 followers on the live-streaming platform. It will be fun to see whether it will be Enrique, the manager, or Enrique, the streamer, that will come out at the top.

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