Thalita Do Valle Death And Twitter Tribute, Brazillian Model Died In Ukraine

Thalita De Valle ( Source : Beginnersupport )

A former Brazilian model, Thalita Do Valle previously joined the Ukrainian military as an elite sniper in the war against Russia. De Valle joined the Ukrainian army around three weeks ago, but sadly, things did not go well for this golden-hearted bombshell.

On June 30, Thalita was murdered by a missile strike which took her life as she was pinned down among powerful explosions. She was in Kharkiv at the time and breathed her last breath there.

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Thalita Do Valle: The Brazilian Model's Death And Tributes On Twitter

The former model went to law school and had worked as a model before she decided to serve Ukraine in this hour of need. While being there, she also made several videos and vlogs of her stay in Ukraine which she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

She further illustrated her prior experience as a combatant against the Islamic State in Iraq. In detail, De Valle received sniper training with the Peshmergas in the autonomous Kurdistan region while in Iraq.

She belonged to the city of Sao Paulo and decided to leave her existing life as a model to contribute to the war. Nevertheless, she died as a hero.

Theo Rodrigo Viera, her brother, praised her as she devoted her life to aiding those who were in utter need. He gave a statement saying, "Thalita has always been involved in humanitarian missions with the foreign legion of some country or here in Brazil. She was always moved by the feelings of saving animals and humans. My sister was always peaceful, a genuine progressive. Guns are part of a context, war, but she saved lives, she saved animals."

Following her death, thousands of people have empathized with her and shared their tributes on Twitter.

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Thalita Do Valle's Unageing Instagram Photos

Thalita Do Valle was 39 years old when she died during a Russian missile strike in Kharkiv, Ukraine. According to the Daily Mail, Viera, her brother, informed local media that his sister was killed by suffocation after becoming trapped in a bunker in Kharkiv during intense Russian shelling.

Unfortunately, while attempting to rescue her from the bunker, another soldier, Douglas Burigo, a 40-year-old ex-fighter of the Brazilian army was also killed.

Before this, Thalita had reportedly survived a previous attack in Kyiv, where she warned her family members that she could not say much more since Russian drones were tracking her telephone.

Thalita De Valle and Douglas Burigo
Thalita De Valle and Douglas Burigo ( Source : Wwnews )

Do Valle often shared her photos and videos while she was staying in Ukraine through her social media such as Instagram and YouTube. Due to very limited information about her personal life, the net worth of this 39-year-old model is not known.

As both Douglas and Thalita lost their life to this recent terrible incident, there is a swarm of online condolences for these two Brazilian volunteer soldiers who died at a brighter period of their life.

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