Where Is Tony Joiner Now? Update 2022 On Heyzel Obando Murder Trial Update

Tony Joiner since his conviction for murdering his wife

Former Florida Gators safety Tony Joiner played for the football team at the University of Florida. He started three seasons at safety for the Florida Panthers from 2004 to 2006.

However, his entire reputation as a footballer was destroyed when the story was made public.

Since the murder weapon was never found, Joiner was never charged with the alleged murder of his fiancee Heyzel Obando on Valentine's Day in 2016.

Additionally, the investigation team from Cold Justice worked with law enforcement officials, and an arrest was made due to their findings.

Where Is Tony Joiner Now? Heyzel Obando Murder Trial Update

According to current reports, Tony Joiner is incarcerated after being found guilty of killing his wife, Heyzel Obando. The actual murder took place in 2016, right around Valentine's Day. He had also been accused of domestic abuse twice before the incident.

On the other hand, Tony received a not guilty verdict, and manslaughter was declared in the case.

It took another three years for the matter to become widely known once Cold Justice's investigation and recommendations were broadcast on television following the series.

After a comprehensive investigation and interviews with previous and new witnesses, Joiner was ultimately recognized as the offender and taken into custody.

Heyzel Obando Murder Trial Update

Allegations state that Joiner killed his fiance Heyzel Obando on Valentine's Day in 2016; no charges were ever brought against him since the murder weapon had not yet been located. Additionally, the investigation team for Cold Justice collaborated with law enforcement officials, and an arrest was made due to their inquiries.

Although Joiner was charged with violating his probation, he was sentenced to time in prison and freed on May 8, 2016. For many years, the case was unresolved. And in 2017, Obando's mother was given full custody of their kids.

The case-finding process changed when Oxygen's "Cold Justice" TV show had its detectives look into the case. Police collaborated with the State Attorney's Office and the television show.

The defense attorney for Joiner opposed the use of TV shows. But ultimately, Joiner was detained, and on June 8, 2019, he went on trial for second-degree murder.

Details On Tony Joiner's Verdict And Sentence

After being detained and charged with the second-degree murder of his wife, Heyzel Obando, in 2016, Tony Joiner received a prison term.

Obando was reportedly shot to death, but the guns used weren't ever found, and although Joiner was suspected, he was never found to be at fault.

According to CNN, he ultimately received a month in prison for breaking the terms of his probation. And before the Cold Justice team and the police looked into the details, Tony had been living in exile for three years.

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How Old Is Tony Joiner?

Tony Joiner, born on December 8, 1985, is 36 years old. He is a native of Florida in the US. Joiner is an Afro-American, according to the biography mask.

Tony Joiner and his late wife Heyzel Obando have two children together. In general, little is currently known about the kids.

But in 2017, Obando's mother, Isabel Martinez, was granted custody of her two grandkids.