Was Joao Ricardo Vieira Arrested? The Untold Truth On PBR Star’s Wife and Family

The 38-year-old Brazilian professional rodeo cowboy Joao Ricardo Vieira specializes in bull riding. Joao has consistently qualified for the PBR World Finals since 2013 as a top competitor on the Professional Bull Riders circuit.

Internet rumors have been circulating about the champion rodeo cowboy’s arrest. Find more in the article below.

Was Joao Ricardo Vieira Arrested? The Untold Truth On PBR Star’s Wife And Family

The champion rodeo cowboy’s arrest has been the subject of internet rumors and has been circulating, but no official announcement has been made. 

While some websites have stated that Ricardo was detained and held in Sacramento Jail, there is no authorized declaration to back it up. Some individuals might want to lessen his notoriety by spreading rumors about his arrest.


Joan, the 2013 PBR Rookie of the Year, is featured in the six-part Netflix documentary series Fearless on Brazilian professional bull riders.

At Madison Square Garden, he held the title of Monster Energy Buck off. The specifics of Joao Ricardo’s family have not been yet made public. Joao never spoke publicly about his marriage which is why it is impossible to tell if he is married.

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Joao Ricardo: PBR Star’s Wife And Net Worth 2022

As aforementioned, Joao gives the impression of being secretive not disclosing his personal information. Several times, media has combines his fake news to spread rumor; however, he has not spoken about his marriage.

It is safe to say that even if he is married, Ricardo chooses to keep his love life private. The reason might be he shielding his wife from social media’s influence. Or, if he is single, he might emphasize expanding his career more than committing to anyone.

Joao won the 2021 PBR UTB EVent in Oklahoma City, proving that age is just a number. He is renowned for his enthusiasm and passion for his work.


Reportedly, his net worth is estimated to be 25 million USD. Joao is the second-best bull rider in the world, and the man has worked hard to reach where he is now. 

Ricardo lives a healthy lifestyle with his sizable income. According to the sources, the player recently earned $1,934.39 at the EXPOFRUTAL occasion on June 30. 

Additionally, on April 15, 2022, Joao won $6,822,14 at the PBR Express Ranches Classis, presented by Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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What Are The Charges Against Joao Ricardo Vieira? His Family Details

Joao Ricardo Vieira is a driven athlete who has dedicated his life to his sports career and is one of the most sought-after players in his field. The man is currently on the news as there have been speculations regarding his arrest, which have not been proven, yet.

Brazilian rodeo cowboy has never made his wife publicly known, so it is unknown if he is married or not. Similarly, h has not revealed any details regarding his family.


Joao is a seasoned athlete born in Ipatinga, So Paulo, Brazil. The bull riding pro is the only rider in PBR history to have won the Iron Cowboy more than once.

He is also a man with a golden heart. Previously, Ricardo raised over $37,000 for children in Brazil.

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