Where Is Christi Paul CNN Going? Quality Time With Husband Peter Paul And Family

Lontime CNN anchor Christi Paul leaves the outlet after nine years.

Christi Paul is recognized as CNN's "New Day" weekend anchor. She has been a regular on the show for almost a decade now.

On Sunday morning, June 2022, Paul announced that she is leaving the news outlet. Continue to know, why and where she is leaving.

CNN Reporter Christi Paul Retiring From Her Role  

Christi Paul announced on Sunday that she is leaving CNN. She has been with the channel since 2003.

During her last time on the show, she bid goodbye to the crew and colleagues. She also stated that she will continue to deliver news in a farewell statement on CNN.

Paul had already told CNN in January that she would be leaving the outlet. 

After her departure announcement, many of her friends and fans have offered their tributes online. Among them was Bethany Crudele, who wrote: " It's a bittersweet day on New Day this morning. Today marks @Christi_Paul's last day on our show. She's been the heart of weekend mornings for years. Tune in as we say goodbye!"

Likewise, Mark Hertling has tweeted: "In Europe now watching the phenomenal ⁦@Christi_Paul⁩ do her last ⁦@CNN⁩ weekend ⁦@NewDay0⁩. When CNN asked me to be a military analyst, Christi conducted my first in-person interview. Always so kind & professional. Good luck Christi…you’ll be missed!"

Another one to bid her goodbye was Victor Blackwell, with whom Paul worked alongside for years. He wrote: Working with @Christi_Paul was a joy - every day.  Every. Day.  She’s become a great friend and I’ll miss having her as part of the team but she’ll remain an important part of my life. We’ll miss you, Christi!"

Where Is Christi Paul CNN Going? 

Christi Paul is going to her home in Ohio. She has insisted that she is leaving to see her parents, whom she hasn't met for a year due to a pandemic. She added that during the period her husband had Covid, there were times when she feared being a single mom.

Paul said: “couldn’t be who she needed to be for her family” and “going home to Ohio. l still be on the air."

According to reports, a rotating anchor is about to fill her position on New Day. Nonetheless, CNN has not revealed the name of a specific person and neither has commented on where Paul will be heading next. 

An announcement about her new job will perhaps be known by the end of this week. 

Meet Christi Paul's Husband Peter Paul & Family

Christi Paul has long been married to her husband Peter Haul since 2002. The pair share two children together.

Also, Victor Blackwell has been referred to by Paul as her "TV spouse," and she has broadcast the news each Saturday and Sunday at the crack of dawn. 

Christi Paul's Net Worth As A Journalist

The present net worth of Christi Paul is $5 million USD, as mentioned on Celebrity Net Worth

As a CNN anchor, her salary is estimated to be between $56,500 to $120,000. Moreover, she has worked in media for almost two decades.

Paul is also the author of a book titled; Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt, which was published in 2012. The book talks about her personal experiences in life.