Who Is Bernhard Raimann? Everything To Know About The Footballer

The former foreign exchange student Bernhard Raimann is in for the Senior Bowl and is expected to be one of the best offensive linemen available in the 2018 NFL draft. Here are the details about his life.

Bernhard Raimann is an American football offensive tackle for the Central Michigan Chippewas who was born in Austria.

Likewise, Raimann was a wide receiver for the Vienna Vikings club team in Austria before moving to the United States and becoming a tight end at Central Michigan before eventually becoming a towering left tackle. He is now on the verge of an NFL career.

Who Is Bernhard Raimann? His Age And Height Explored

Bernhard Raimann is currently 24 years old. He was born on 23 September 1997. He currently resides in Steinbrunn, Austria. 

As for his body measurement, he stands 6 feet 7 inches tall (2.01 m) and weighs approximately 305 lb (135 kg).

Bernhard Raimann Wikipedia And Bio Explored

Raimann grew raised in the Austrian town of Steinbrunn. At the age of 14, he joined the Vienna Vikings’ youth squad and began playing American football.

Raimann went to Ballsportgymnasium Wien and spent his junior year as an exchange student at Delton-Kellogg High School in Delton, Michigan.

After graduating from Ballsportgymnasium Wien, he returned to Austria and did his mandatory duty in the Austrian military. Raimann has committed to Central Michigan University to play collegiate football.

Who is Bernhard Raimann Girlfriend? Who Are His Parents? 

Bernard Raimann is in a highly committed relationship with his beloved girlfriend, Calli Stemple. 

The pair have been together for the past four years now. Raimann is always appreciative of his girlfriend for her constant support, and he recently acknowledged how grateful he is to celebrate his wins with her.

Does Bernhard Raimann Have An Instagram Account?

Bernhard Raimann has an Instagram account. His handle name is @bernhard_raimann.

The verified user currently has 2161 followers, along with 23 posts.

Likewise, Raimann’s girlfriend, Calli Stemple, also has an Instagram account. Her handle name is @callistemple. She currently has 1367 followers, along with 165 posts.

On a similar note, Bernhard Raimann also has a Twitter account. His handle name is @BernhardRaimann. Despite joining the platform in 2015, he has 635 followers and 83 tweets. 

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