Who Is Valeria Polesel? Cristian Garín Girlfriend And Dating Life In A Nutshell

Cristian Garin
Cristian Garin

Discover the Wikipedia details of Valeria Polesel, who is famous as the girlfriend of Cristian Garín. The top-ranked male singles tennis player in Chile is Cristian Garin, a positive tennis player.

Garin reached his highest singles ranking ever, 17th in the ATP World. The achievement occurred in September 2021. Most opponents find it challenging to play against his style of play. Garin's strategy for winning revolves around dominating his opponents' defense.

He also has a sizable fan base on social media, particularly on Instagram, with 174K followers. Comparably, Garin is also accessible via the Tiktok app. He has 3,000 followers, even if his account is unverified.

Wikipedia: Who Is Valeria Polesel?

Valeria Polesel, a law student, and the 25-year-old skilled Chilean professional are now having a passionate affair.

The two were meant to be in one other's presence for a while. However, in the past, Garin was not upfront and honest about his extramarital encounters.

But he made it known by tweeting a photo of them in May 2020. He quickly, though, removed it.

It comes out that Valeria, who is his girlfriend, dislikes being referred to as a celebrity's girlfriend and wants to stay away from the media.

Later, Valeria created a hand-made image in honor of Cristian's 24th birthday and shared it on Instagram.

Cristian Garín Girlfriend Age Gap

The actual age gap between Cristian Garín and his girlfriend is still a mystery. However, on May 30, 1996, Sergio Garn (the father) and Anna Claudia Medone of Chile gave birth to Cristian Ignacio Garn Madone (Mother).

The 1.85 m tall athlete and his brother, Sebastián Antonio Garn Medone, were nurtured by their parents in Arica, Chile.

Cristian Garin Girlfriend Valeria Polesel
Cristian Garin Girlfriend Valeria Polesel ( Source : sportslumo )

Cristian, who began playing tennis at age five, has had a lot of guidance and support from Sergio and Anna. Before he was allowed to enroll in a training facility, Sergio began instructing him.

Is Valeria Polesel Married?

Cristian Garín and Valeria Polesel aren't married yet. They are only in a relationship, but soon they might get married.

What is odd, though, is that although Valeria's Instagram account is set to private, Garin's Instagram only has a few photographs of her.

It is uncertain if the two automobiles are still together or if they have already split up.

Find Valeria Polesel Net Worth

Valeria Polesel's net worth is still under review. Her net worth might be in the millions. However, since her professional details aren't public, it isn't easy to estimate her income.

As of mid-2022, Taddlr estimates that the Chilean No. 1 Garin is worth $4.5 million. He has also amassed a total prize pool of $3,092,707 from all tennis competitions he has played in since he began professionally in 2011.

Cristian left Wilson in 2018 and has been using HEAD racquets since 2019. In addition, Adidas started supporting him with apparel and athletic gear in 2019.

After Cristian won the ATP Houston in April 2019, Banco de Chile also named him a brand ambassador. Additionally, he works with Gillette and has the company's logo on his shirt. He also possesses a BMW Z4 Roadster, which he won in a contest, in addition to his other possessions.

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