Who Is Zachary Latham? Murdering A Neighbor For TikTok Fame

Have you ever wished to be famous on TikTok so much that you’d give your life for it? That’s what Zachary Latham, 18, has been charged with after a fight with his neighbors led to the murder of William Durham, 51.

Latham and Durham’s surviving families are facing charges for their roles in the killing of the correctional officer, which occurred on May 4 in New Jersey.

As both parties wait for their trials, Dazed delves into the origins of the conflict, what transpired on the fatal day of Durham’s death, and how TikTok fits into the picture.

Who Is Zachary Latham? Murdering A Neighbor For TikTok Fame And Jail Sentence 

Zachary Latham, an 18-year-old Tik Tok celebrity from New Jersey, was born in the United States. He was recently apprehended by the police on suspicion of stabbing and killing his neighbor. He was first merely detained as a suspect, but he eventually admitted to the allegations.

According to a recent data in the New York Post, he murdered his neighbor only to become famous and gain public recognition. To gain fans and publicity, he used to make videos and publish them on TikTok.

When Zachary Latham, 19, of Vineland, killed William Durham Sr., 51, a seasoned state prison officer, he claimed he was acting in self-defense. Authorities say the brawl at Latham’s house on May 4 was the culmination of a long-running animosity between him and the Durham family.

Authorities said that Latham was armed with a stun gun and knives when he stabbed Durham many times. In a February indictment, a Cumberland County grand jury charged him with reckless manslaughter, two counts of aggravated assault, and firearms charges.

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Zachary Latham Age Revealed

Zachary Latham, a 19-year-old Tik Tok sensation, was recently arrested for the murder of his next-door neighbor.

Zach has a strong passion for cars and luxuries, as evidenced by his Instagram photos.

He is of descent American and belongs to the White ethnic group.

Zachary Latham Family Details

Zachary Latham’s upbringing and family are unknown, but following this happened, everyone is astonished and stunned.

Latham’s wife was videotaping the encounter “because it was her and Latham’s aim to publish these videos on TikTok and become ‘TikTok famous,'” according to the

Durham family’s attorneys. The Durham family claims that they were drawn to Latham’s house by their son’s earlier incident for Latham to carry out a social media attack. Latham, on the other hand, claims the killing was in self-defense.

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Zachary Latham Mugshot

The mugshot of Zachary Latham has gone viral on the internet after this incident spread like wildfire for killing someone in order to become TikTok famous.


According to authorities, the feud began when Latham allegedly ridiculed and mocked the Durhams on social media following a disagreement about him allegedly speeding on neighborhood roads.

He shared footage of his run-ins with the Durhams, which quickly escalated into physical altercations.

Where Is Zachary Latham Now? 

Catherine Latham and her sons have been charged with assault and trespassing, while Zachary Latham has been charged with manslaughter, severe assault, and firearms charges.

The Durhams’ attorneys are arguing that the accusations against the family should be withdrawn and that the court should prosecute Latham with first-degree murder, as well as his wife and two others who joined the battle.

Latham was released from prison in May and will face charges later this year. The prosecutor, Jennifer Webb-McRae, stated in a letter to the Durham attorneys that the charges against the family would not be dropped.

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