Adam Archuleta Net Worth 2022 And Career Earnings

Adam Archuleta has a net worth of 20 million USD from his prodigious footballing career of almost ten years. Archuleta now works as a broadcaster.

Archuleta is a retired footballer. He played in the National Football League for almost a decade for teams like the Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears. Before this, Adam played college football at Arizona State and was selected by St. Louis Rams in the 2001 drafts. 

Upon retirement, the football safety worked as a football analyst and broadcaster. In 2021, he also began his entrepreneurial journey.

Adam Archuleta Net Worth In 2022

Adam Archuleta has accumulated a net worth of USD 20 million from his playing career.

Adam Archuleta's net worth is around USD 20 million, as per the Sportscriber.
Source : sportscriber

The footballer played for almost ten years in the National Football League. He was selected as the 20th overall selection by the St. Louis Rams in the 2001 NFL draft. Following this, Archuleta signed a five-year USD 7 million contract. He also received a bonus of USD 3 million.

Archuleta was one of the most sought-after free agents in 2006. He eventually signed a six-year, USD 30 million contract with Washington Redskins on March 14, 2006. With Redskins, he was guaranteed USD 10 million.

Adam Archuleta playing for the Rams.
Source : ramblinfan

In 2007, Chicago Bears agreed to pay him USD 8.1 million over three years. He eventually moved to Oakland Raider, where he ended his career. Thus, on average, Archuleta’s estimated yearly earnings are expected to be equivalent to USD 4 million or even more.

Adam Archuleta Career Earnings As A Footballer

Adam Archuleta benefited a lot when he played in the National Football League for the  Washington Redskins in 2006.

Archuleta agreed to a seven-year, USD 35 million contract, with a USD 10 million guarantees. He played pitifully in just one season with the Redskins, with just one sack and zero interceptions. He was ultimately traded to Chicago Bears the following year.

Adam Archuleta working with the defensive backs at the Verdey Dickey Center.
Source : azcentral

This footballer now makes money from a variety of sources. His earning potential is extremely high due to his experience. He receives a tremendous amount of money each year as his salary from several sources like broadcasting and brand endorsements.

In 2020, Adam embraced his entrepreneurial journey by opening the CoreLife Eatery. His food franchise restaurant is in Tempe, Arizona.


According to his LinkedIn profile, Archuleta had completed his Bachelor’s degree in History from Arizona State University. He is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Archuleta Enterprises.

Adam Archuleta Is Now In The Broadcasting

Adam Archuleta has worked for many broadcasters following his retirement from professional football.

The former Sun Devil claims that before landing a job as a CBS NFL commentator, network management repeatedly told him “No.” However, his transition from the playing field to the broadcast booth has been decent.

Adam Archuleta (right) working as a game analyst.
Source : awfulannouncing

According to Sports Scriber, Archuleta earns around ‎USD 100,000 annually as an analyst. He worked for Pac-12 Network in 2012 as a football analyst for college telecasts. Archuleta also joined the CBS network as an analyst for the Conference USA and Mountain West Conference games.

He worked in the NFL on CBS in 2013 as a game analyst alongside Andrew Catalo, Tom McCarthy, and Spero Dedes.

Greg Gumbel and Adam Archuleta on CBS.
Source : twitter

Archuleta has teamed up with Greg Gumbel as of the 2022 campaign. His new partner, Gumbel, earns USD 4 million as an annual salary and a $16 million net worth.

In 2010, Archuleta wedded Playboy Playmate model Jennifer Walcott. They have a child together. In 2009, Archuleta’s family was also highlighted in a Football Wives episode on E! True Hollywood Story. He has a total of 1,857 followers on his Instagram.

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