Who Is Aki Hakala Of The Rasmus Band? Meet The Band In The Eurovision 2022 Contest Final

Aki Hakala is a drummer in the Finnish rock band The Rasmus, and his biography can be found on both the Spanish and Finnish Wikipedias.

The Rasmus are a Finnish rock band competing in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. On Tuesday, May 10, The Rasmus opened the Second Semi-Final of Eurovision 2022 in Turin, Italy.

Frontman Lauri Ylönen and renowned producer-musician Desmond Child collaborated on The Rasmus’ Eurovision entry song “Jezebel.”

The grand final will be held on May 14th in Turin which will be broadcasted on BBC One. To vote for The Rasmus, fans can vote for them by phone, SMS, or the Eurovision app. 

Who Is Aki Hakala? Wikipedia And Biography Details 

Aki-Markus Juhani Hakala is a drummer in the Finnish rock band The Rasmus who can be found on both Spanish and Finnish Wikipedia. Though he was born in Espoo, Finland on October 28, 1979, he and his family later relocated to Helsinki.

He attended a music academy as a young man. Hakala is the only current member of the band who has not been with The Rasmus since their inception, having joined in 1999 after Janne Heiskanen’s departure.    

The way that Aki came to be part of the group is highly unusual.  He had been invited by Pauli to do a soundcheck, after which the founding guitarist asked, “Hey, do you want to join The Rasmus?”, which Hakala gladly accepted.

Interestingly, before joining The Rasmus, he sold the band’s merchandise outside of concerts.

Who Is The Wife Of Aki Hakala? Is He Married? 

Aki Hakala is a married man with a loving wife who has given him a gem of a child. During a tour with The Rasmus in 2007, his pregnant wife gave birth.

In the month of July, their daughter Tinka was born while the group was on tour. Aki Hakala wanted to be there to witness the birth, but his daughter was born prematurely and he couldn’t make it in time. 

Aki had planned the tour so that he could be with his wife on the day of the birth, but he was unable to attend as the delivery day came before the expected date. 

No more information can be found on the drummer’s wife or his children. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Aki Hakala? 

Aki Hakala, the drummer for The Rasmus, is 42 years old and has a net worth of $1.5 million. However, the man has yet to confirm the value, so it is only an estimate based on the number of performances he has been on at this point.

Aki Hakala made his living as a drummer for the Finnish band The Rasmus.

Aki Hakala has also performed with Killer and Kwan, two other Finnish bands who are part of the unofficial association Dynasty.

He has also appeared as an actor in a Finnish television series and in Kwan’s video Padam.

The Rasmus drummer can easily be found on Instagram under the handle @akihakalaofficial which he has gone to great lengths to get it verified. 

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