Who Is Amol Rajan Wife Charlotte Faircloth? British Journalist Three Children And Ethnicity

Amol Rajan is an English columnist and broadcaster and the new host of University Challenge. Learn about his wife, Charlotte Faircloth, and their three children.

Rajan served as editor of The Independent newspaper until joining the BBC in December 2016. Since 2021, he has also presented on BBC Radio 4’s Today program. He also broadcasts documentaries about current events.

Amol has delivered a variety of shows for the BBC, some of which are The One Show on BBC, which he co-presents. In addition to Today, one regularly undertakes a chain of interviews with influential people worldwide in “Amol Rajan Interviews.” 

Who Is Amol Rajan’s Wife, Charlotte Faircloth?

Amol Rajan is married to Charlotte Faircloth. Being married to a British broadcaster and journalist Amol Rajan has made her famous. Her spouse has been a broadcaster on the Today show since 2021 and the BBC’s News Editor since December 2016, respectively. 

In 2013, BBC journalist Amol Rajan and sociologist Charlotte Faircloth were married in Cambridge. The age of Rajan, who was born on July 4, 1983, is 39. The couple’s age gap is only a few years, even though his wife hasn’t given us her birthdate and looks to be in her mid-thirties.

At the UCL Social Research Institute in the UK, Charlotte Faircloth is an associate professor of social science. From anthropological and sociological viewpoints, her profession focuses on parenting, gender, and reproduction utilizing qualitative and cross-cultural approaches.

Moreover, Faircloth completed her doctoral studies in the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. Her dissertation focused on the experiences of London and Paris-based mothers who were “full-term” breastfeeding and raising their children through affection. Mrs. Rajan is pursuing her scholar degree at The University of Kent in Canterbury, England.


Amol Rajan Children and Their Identities

Amol Rajan and Charlotte Faircloth have been married for almost ten years. And during this time, the couple had three children. The family of five swells in London, England.

Even though the third kid has only recently been born, they have not disclosed his identity. While the other two are baby boy Jamaica and sweet daughter Winston. 

The Indian-born journalist relocated to England when he was three years old. He was reared in Tooting, a neighborhood in South West London. He was a Hindu until age 15 when he followed in his family’s atheist footsteps and changed.


It has been reported that Amol Rajan would succeed Jeremy Paxman as the new presenter of University Challenge. However, His recruitment has generated some debate over the University Challenge position. Samira Ahmed, a colleague, and BBC broadcaster, openly expressed her displeasure with the application process this week when it was revealed that Paxman would leave his post.

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Is Amol Rajan Indian? BBC Media Editor Ethnicity

Rajan was born in the Indian city of Calcutta (now Kolkata) to a Poona-born mother and a Combaconum-born Tamil father. So his ethnicity is the mingling of both with a slight inclination towards Tamil heritage.

Furthermore, the name Varadarajan Amol was first given to Rajan by his father; however, he later revised it to Amol Varadarajan and adopted the surname Rajan.

Regarding his schooling, Amol attended Downing College in Cambridge and listed English as his major. He began his long-term career as a journalist in 2005 while serving as a team editor of the student newspaper.

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