Anthony Fantano Allegedly Divorced Wife Dominique Boxley And Reddit Has A Reaction

News of Anthony Fantano and his wife Dominique Boxely’s divorce gained traction online. The owner of the website and YouTube channel, The Needle Drop, Anthony Fantano, is a famed critic who reviews American music.

Fantano uploads blogs and YouTube videos analyzing and debating a range of musical genres. He started his career as the music director for the radio station between the 2000s and the Southern Connecticut State University college.

Anthony Fantano Divorced Wife Dominique Boxley; People’s Reaction On Reddit 

The news of Anthony Fantano divorcing his wife Dominique Boxley has surfaced on the Internet, and people have been making remarks about it on social media platforms. The followers of Fantano did not seem happy with this news if it is true.

The Youtuber, however, has not confirmed the divorce rumors. The long-term relationship between the couple led to their eventual marriage, and they together lived in Connecticut.

Previously living as a vegetarian in his late teens, Anthony Fantano is now a vegan. He started his career as a host at Connecticut Public Radio in 2007. The music critic anchored The Need Drop 15 years ago, which is still running on the same line.


In 2009, Fantano started using the platform and contributing in the same area. His attention was mostly on advancing his career; therefore, he began posting a variety of video evaluations of the television program The Needle Drop on his Youtube account in January 2009.

He was inspired to make music video reviews after reviewing the album of American record producer Steven Ellison. In 2010, Fantano took down the earlier posts that included music clips that did not violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the United States. 

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Anthony Fantano Family Life And Relationship

Dominique Boxley gained notoriety after marrying Anthony Fantano. She is an American citizen and has helped her husband by appearing in a handful of her husband’s YouTube videos.

The pair married after 2010; however, the exact date has not been revealed. Since the 2011’s Valentines, they have made their joint appearances. Anthony began introducing Dominique as her girlfriend, and they later exchanged their vows in private.

Anthony and Dominique do not have children. Fantano began hosting The Needle Drop in 2007, and while he erased the earlier reviews in 2010, he continued to work on the show’s radio station. He also worked in a pizza parlor.

Talking about his details, he was born in Connecticut and belonged of American and Sicilian ancestry. He was influenced by Dead Kennedys, a former lead singer of a hardcore punk band. As a matter of fact, he used to refer to the American punk rock band as his political hero.

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Age Gap Between Anthony Fantano And His Wife Dominique Boxley

Anthony Fantano was born on October 28, 1985, making him 36 years old. Nevertheless, his wife Dominique has not disclosed her age but is also in her 30s.

On the FantanoHeads forum of Reddit, Redditors discussed Fantano and his divorce case. Some claim that the news of their separation is only rumored. According to them, Fantano does not deserve this.


His ardent supporters further claimed that he was dealing with personal problems, and no matter how hard life could be, everyone has a right to online privacy.

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