At Ya Head No Medusa Dusa Sosa’ TikTok Song and Lyrics From Chief Keef

“At Ya Head No Medusa Dusa Sosa” is a viral TikTok song, and rapper Chief Keef gave the lyrics.

There is no denying that TikTok has the power to make anything viral. Even unofficial songs like “My money don’t jiggle jiggle” can reach massive success via the platform.

In recent days, a new song has been garnering popularity from Tiktokers. The lyrics “At Ya Head No Medusa Dusa Sosa” has become an instant hit among content creators. 

‘At Ya Head No Medusa Dusa Sosa’ Tiktok Song

‘At Ya Head No Medusa Dusa Sosa’ is a recent viral song on Tiktok. 

The song is orginally titled “Tony Montana Flow”. It was released by American rapper Keith Farrelle Cozart, popularly known as Chief Keef, in 2021. He is also known for songs like “I Don’t Like” and “Love Sosa.” 


A year after its release, the song reaches its peak popularity through Tiktok. There are more than 50 thousand videos to the “At Ya Head No Medusa Dusa Sosa” snippet. 

Creators have uploaded different kinds of videos to the song, including comedy, sarcasm, and lipsyncs. Nonetheless, Tiktoks with gangster and cool vibes are most common. 

Likewise, Stranger Things fans have also created TikTok’s referencing the series. For instance, one user named @michael made a video about the heroic character of Nancy Wheeler and her fearless nature in season 4. The video has garnered more than 1.1 million likes to date.

@micuhael Nancy “Packin” Wheeler #fyp #strangerthings #nancywheeler IB: @Jordan Bowles ♬ Informant telling – Sosa>


Lyrics of ‘At Ya Head No Medusa Dusa Sosa’ by Chief Keef

At Ya Head No Medusa Dusa Sosa aka Tony Montana Flow lyrics were given by Chief Keef. The song has a very catchy and slow-paced beat.

Every word of the song slaps! The viral part of the song reads,

At your head, no Medusa-dusa

You know I be with gorillas, n***** ucka-ucka

Even when I’m by myself, I’m a noodle knocker

Pulled up, shittin’ on ’em, nigga dooka-dooka


The term “Medusa” refers to the Greek Mythological character with snakes in the head. Anyone who looks into Medusa’s eyes turns into stone.

The song leaked on June 30, 2021, and was originally called “From an Informant Telling. However, fans later popularized the title as “Tony Montana Flow” due to Keef’s accent in the song’s last verse. 

Eventually, the rapper renamed the song to the liking of his fan. He officially released the single on December 22 without zero promotions. 

Tony Montana Flow Trend Origin

The Tony Montana Flow trend origin can be credited to a Cheif Keef fan account. The user @chiefsodagoat uploaded the original viral part on Tiktok under the name Informant telling.

Since then, other accounts have created their version of the song. Altogether, the Tony Montana flow has amassed more than 526.4 million views on the platform. 

A user named @justinefebera uploaded a video showing his school’s under-pool running machine using the sound. The clip has more than 800 thousand likes to date. 

@justinefebera Felt like I was in a lab?#fyp #viral #d1 #footballtiktok #athlete ♬ Informant telling – Sosa>

Likewise, Keef is profiting off the viral success. You can find the song on Spotify, Youtube, and other streaming platforms. 

Furthermore, you can also create your own Tiktok to the “At Ya Head No Medusa Dusa Sosa” beat and – maybe – rise into fame like the song.

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