Barry Seid – Leonard Leo Banks $1.6B Donation To New Conservative Nonprofit

Barry Seid, a 90-year-old businessman and industrialist, handed over his net worth of whooping $1.6 Billion to a nonprofit organization by Leonard Leo.

The news came out Monday after the New York Times reported the size and impact the money could make on the US political scene. The Times looked into a string of transactions involving electronics manufacturing tycoon Barre Seid giving Leo’s organization 100% of his company’s equity before selling it to an Irish corporation.

Barry Seid – Leonard Leo Banks $1.6B Donation 

The largest single donation to a politically focused nonprofit that has ever been made public, $1.6 billion, was given by Barry Seid to a new organization managed by Leonard Leo.

This windfall might be utilized to further right-wing causes. Last year, the charity Marble Freedom Trust, which got the donation in the form of shares, distributed more than $200 million to other right-leaning groups.

Leonard Leo, the co-chairman of the hardline Federalist Society and former adviser to President Donald Trump on Supreme Court nominations, is the head of Marble Freedom. He oversees a vast network of other right-wing nonprofits or campaign donations organizations that do not reveal their contributors.

Who Are Barry Seid And Leonard Leo?

The founder of the Trippe manufacturing company, Barre Seid, has accumulated significant wealth. Barre’s net worth is thought to be at least $1 billion. In addition, right-wing industrialist Seid recently made news for making substantial gifts.

Seid’s income comes from Tripp Lite, an electronics manufacturer headquartered in Chicago. A little-known industrial tycoon named Barre Seid was the source of the funds. Additionally, it followed an odd course. Before selling it for $1.65 billion, he handed Marble Freedom Trust the whole business.

Leonard Leo Is An American Lawyer And Conservative Legal Activist Who Serves As The Co-Chairman Of Federalist Society's Board Of Directors
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Leo now holds the position of co-chairman of the Federalist Society, a conservative group. Leo joined the Federalist Society 25 years ago and, according to his biography on the group’s website, has been vital in helping the organization reach 70,000, focusing on expanding attorneys’ membership, operations, and activities advocating limited, constitutional government.

His actions have impacted the working of the US government from time to time. For example, Leo stated that the next Supreme Court selection battle might be a significant mobilizing factor for President Trump in September 2020. In addition, the Wall Street Journal reported that Leo participated in the process of choosing Amy Coney Barrett as the new nominee for the Supreme Court to succeed Ginsburg.

Barry Seid Biography

The wealthy industrialist Barre Seid was once the proprietor of Trippe Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of electronics. His Chicago-based electronics manufacturing company Tripp Lite is the source of Seid’s revenue.

Seid founded the Barbara and Barre Seid Foundation. He was born in Chicago, and in 1946, the University of Chicago awarded him a degree. He also attended the University of Colorado and the Wharton School of Business and has received an honorary doctorate from Bar-Ilan University.

Chicago, Illinois, serves as the company’s headquarters, where it was established in 1922. It has more than 500 employees working for it to keep up its global sales presence. The company is one of the biggest producers of UPS systems, batteries, and many other electronic components.

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