Is Bengals Sam Hubbard Married? Wife and Net Worth In 2022

Sam Hubbard is a 27 years old American footballer who once dated Jess Koehler but never got married.

Hubbard was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States, on the 29th of June 1995 to beloved parents Jim Hubbard & Amy Hubbard. Furthermore, the athlete played college football at Ohio State and has served as a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL (National Football League) since 2018. Before that, he played safety in high school (Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati, Ohio).

The 6 feet and 6 inches tall defensive end was also a lacrosse player in high school and committed to play lacrosse for the University of Notre Dame but continued as a football player. He has made remarkable achievements as a footballer and has made his family proud.

Quick Facts

Name Sam Hubbard
Date of Birth June 29, 1995
Birthplace Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Height 6 feet and 5 inches
Parents Jim Hubbard and Amy Hubbard
Siblings Madison Hubbard

Bengals: Is Sam Hubbard Married? 

The Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Sam Hubbard is single, as he has shared no details about his marriage.

Although Hubbard is 27 years old, he hasn’t made any posts about walking down the aisle with his lover or introducing the girl of his dream to his fans and admirers. Thus, the footballer has yet to exchange wedding vows and commit to walking by his significant other’s side forever through thick and thin.

Sam Hubbard at his sister's wedding with his family.
Source : instagram


Does Sam Hubbard Have A Wife?

As Hubbard is not married, he does not have a wife; the athlete in his mid-20s has not shared any romantic pictures with his lover on social media. The footballer is yet to feature a photo of his significant other or the woman with whom he decided on forever.

In contrast, the Cincinnati Bengals defensive end must have emphasized his career than settling down so that he could provide the best lifestyle to his family in the future.

Sam Hubbard Dating Life And Girlfriend

Hubbard has been open about his parents but not his girlfriend; being a public figure, he has always kept a low profile regarding dating and being in a relationship.

The athlete is fun-loving and often hangs out with his guy friends. But he has never made any posts about hanging out and spending quality time with his sweetheart.

A picture of Sam Hubbard and Jess Koehler from 2016.
Source : instagram

However, he posted a few pictures with Jess Koehler in 2016 but didn’t refer to her as his lover or disclose if they were more than friends. Furthermore, Sam even wished Jess a happy birthday on the 22nd of August 2017, to which she replied, ‘Love you and this day?.’

Moreover, Koehler is also on social media but has maintained a private account and shared the 168 attachments visible to only 1.7k users who follow her, not the general public.

Insights on Sam Hubbard Parents and Family Life

Hubbard was born to Jim Hubbard & Amy Hubbard in 1995 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, and the 27-year-old celebrates a successful round around the sun on the 29th of June.

Jim and Amy have always supported their son in pursuing an athletic career; without their consistent encouragement and acknowledgment, he would have made it to where he stands today.

Sam Hubbard celebrated Christmas 2018 with his entire family.
Source : instagram

Furthermore, the elder Hubbards are his biggest cheerleaders who want Sam to do his best and never give up on his dreams; they have been his source to drive and thrive for the better. 

Likewise, his grandparents motivate him to give his 100% in whatever he does. The footballer made a post with them on the 21st of August 2015 while expressing how he wanted to make them proud, which he accomplished by making it to NFL in 2018. 

Meet Sam Hubbard Beloved Mom And Dad

Sam is the proud son of his father, Jim Hubbard, and mother, Amy Hubbard; they are the ones who gave the footballer his precious life and groomed him with unconditional love and care.

Amy has been a critical care nurse for 40 years and works at University Hospital in Cincinnati. The nurse believes if things are not going well in the hospital, you have something to do as long as you have a mission/goal/task that can make things better, even if small. 

Sam Hubbard with his beloved mom, dad, and sister.
Source : instagram

Likewise, the athlete follows his mom’s mantra and focuses on the minor things that can help the team to bounce back to the best of his ability. Thus, he has always been grateful to his parents for all the life lessons they have taught him.

Furthermore, his dad Jim is on social media under the handle @jimrhubbard. However, papa Hubbard has made the 365 posts he made accessible to only 288 followers. Yet, they often appear on the footballer’s Instagram feed.

Sam Hubbard Has A Gorgeous Sister

The Cincinnati Bengals defensive end is not a single child, and he got blessed to have an older sibling by his side to accompany him through his life.

Sam has a beautiful sister named Madison Hubbard, who followed in their mom’s footsteps and became a nurse. Furthermore, the mother-daughter duo worked together when covid was at its peak in 2020. 

Madison Hubbard attended his brother's game to cheer him.
Source : instagram

The siblings share a healthy bond, and the footballer knows that his sister has been and will forever remain his number one fan; she always cheers for her brother and makes time to attend his games.

Madison is a new bride who walked the aisle with the man of her dream Anthony Joseph on the 8th of May 2022. However, the newly wedded couple has maintained private accounts on Instagram under @mad_guff and @tonyisanthony.

Sam Hubbard Net Worth 2022

Sam makes millions through his career as a football player. He earned $3.61 million with a bonus of $929,200 while signing his first four-year with Cincinnati Bengals on the 21st of June 2018.

Furthermore, the athlete extended his contract with the football team by signing an agreement worth $40 million on the 25th of July 2021. Per Spotrac, he will earn a base salary of $2,833,000 in 2022 with a roster bonus of $2,250,000, a workout bonus of $100,000, and a cap hit of $7,183,000.

Sam Hubbard recently launched Hubbard’s Cupboards to stock healthy snacks and essential school supplies free of cost for all students who need them.
Source : instagram

Hubbard is a Rhoback athlete and does social media marketing and partnerships for brands, including Superior Credit Union. Moreover, the footballer has created Sam Hubbard Youth Football Camp and Sam Hubbard Foundation to provide athletes with free training and adequate access to educational resources and healthy snacks for as many students as possible. 

Sam Hubbard Career In A Nutshell

Hubbard has been playing American football since his youth; he played for Archbishop Moeller High School as a safety and had 109 tackles and five interceptions during his senior year.

The footballer then committed to play his collegiate career at Ohio State University. However, he was once devoted to playing college lacrosse at the University of Notre Dame since he played lacrosse in high school. 

Sam Hubbard plays for Cincinnati Bengals as a defensive end with jersey no. 94.
Source : instagram

He played 13 games each as a first- and second-year redshirt student and appeared in 14 games as a junior before announcing his decision to enter the 2018 NFL Draft on the 30th of December 2017.

Following his announcement, Cincinnati Bengals picked Sam in the third round of the 2018 NFL Draft as the 77th overall pick. The athlete was the 7th defensive end who made it in 2018 and has been with the team ever since.

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