Borna Sosa Parents Goran Sosa And Vesna Sosa Are From Gradac

Borna Sosa was born to parents Goran Sosa and Vesna Sosa from Gradac municipality of Crotia. Sosa was brought up with his supportive elder sister.

Sosa is a football defender who plays professionally for the Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart. He also represents the Croatian national side in the Fifa World Cup 2022. The left-back is likely to star in Croatia’s final group-stage match against Belgium on December 1, 2022.

Speaking of Sosa’s family, he was raised in a humble family of four. His parents, Goran and Vesna Sosa worked day and night to help him become a professional football star today.

Borna Sosa Parents

Borna Sosa lived with his parents in the Precko neighbourhood of Zagreb as a child.

His parents, Goran and Vesna Sosa are Herzegovinian Croats, the third most populous ethnic group in the country after Bosniaks and Serbs. They are followers of Catholics and speakers of the Croatian language.

Borna Sosa celebrating Christmas with his parents and sister.
Source : instagram

On March 19, 2021, the defender shared a picture of his family celebrating fathers day. Following this, he also posted some old vintage pictures of his father during his young age. Moreover, Sosa also spent time with his family and dog during the Christmas vacation.

As of 2022, the family has been living between Zagreb and Stuttgart for the fifth consecutive year.

Borna Sosa celebrating Christmas with his family and his huskey.
Source : instagram

Sosa’s family includes his younger sister Signorina, and their dog, a Huskey. We can find some amazing photographs of him on his social media handle @superrman007. He has a massive following of 66.1 thousand followers.

In August 2021, the defender was first called up to play for his parent’s country. He played in the world cup qualifiers against Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia, making his debut on September 1.

Sosa made his parents proud by scoring his first goal for his nation on September 22, 2022, in a 2-1 Nations League victory over Denmark. 

Borna Sosa Shares Special Bond With His Mother

Borna Sosa never forgets to wish his mother her birthdays and other special days.

He lovingly calls his mom the mother of all mothers, as seen in one of his Instagram posts. He and his family gather in their family home to celebrate Vesna’s birthday every January 12. In the same month, the footballer also has his birthday.

Borna Sosa with his German born mom, Vesna.
Source : instagram

His mother, Vesna, was born and raised in Berlin, and Sosa was slated to represent Germany at the UEFA Euro 2020. The footballer was granted German citizenship at the initiative of German head coach Joachim Low. Sosa confirmed the news on May 8, 2021.

However, some days later, it was announced that Sosa was ineligible to play for Germany. On May 13, 2021, the defender apologized to Croatian fans and its football federation. 

Borna Sosa's family celebrating his mom's birthday.
Source : instagram

In 2017, Sosa surprised everybody when he revealed that he could speak Turkish fluently. When interviewed by Ivana Mišerić, the football star said he likes to watch Turkish series, and he said a few sentences to her.

Ivana did not believe born watching Turkish soap operas. But the left-back replied his father didn’t believe him either.

Sosa said: “I know, even my dad didn’t believe me, so when I stood behind the TV and translated, it was – ‘what, how, from where, where. Most of the series are either about killing or about love.’ 

Borna Sosa Is Very Close To His Sister Signorina

Borna Sosa has a sister whose name is Signorina, and his sister is only a few years older than him. 

Borna with his sister Signorina.
Source : instagram

Sosa usually shares a lot of pictures with his sister and calls his bond with her very unique. On October 4, 2018, the footballer posted a photo of himself with his sister, where he wrote in Croatian,” heyyyyy sister !!! I love you”, to express his gratitude. 

Childhood photo of Borna with his sister Signorina.
Source : instagram

Similarly, the footballer has shared a childhood photo with his sister. The sibling was pictured near a beautiful fountain in one of the pictures. Likewise, two have also gone swimming with the dolphins. 

Sosa’s beautiful sister has an active Instagram account. Her handle name is signorina_lady_es, and only her 563 followers can see through her private profile.

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