Phillies Shortstop Bryson Stott Sister Breauna Stott Is A MLB Cheerleader

Bryson Stott has a younger sister Breauna Stott, a cheerleader for UNLV. Bryson Stott has one sister and a brother altogether.

Brennen Stott and Breauna Stott, his two siblings, played with him as a child, were reared alongside him, and are now both his biggest supporters and detractors.

His sister was a student at UNLV, where he played collegiate baseball, and was chosen by the Phillies in the first round of the 2019 Major League Baseball draft.

Bryson’s siblings assisted him in developing into the guy he is now long before he was chosen by the Phillies in the first round of the 2019 draft and established himself as one of their most promising prospects.

The Stott family is very engaged and supportive of one another’s career decisions. Even their parents were involved in sports, so they all have a general interest in sports.

Bryson Stott Sister Breauna Stott

Bryson Stott’s sister, Breauna Stott went to Desert Oasis High School and graduated in 2018.

She received a diploma degree from the high school where she was also very actively involved in sports and also learned the basics of cheerleading when she was studying there.

Moreover, she also went to senior prom on May 7, 2018, and has shared photos of the prom on her Instagram looking beautiful in a long dress with her friends.

She was born on February 23rd,2000, and is now 22 years old she says she is still 12 by heart as his brother and family always treat her like a child and fulfill every demand of her.

Bryson Stott and her sister are very close to each other and she can be seen in the stands cheering for him.
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She is currently enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she is in her fifth year. Breauna, who double-majored in journalism and media studies, plans to pursue a career in sports social media.

Most importantly, she had already won the National Championship the season before (in 2019), putting her in a strong position to repeat as champion and become just the third person in history to do so.

Breauna Stott showing off the all three rings that UNLV has won from the games.
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Breauna Stott is a three-time national champion cheerleader for the Rebels and is referred to as the athlete of the family. She celebrated her 19th birthday the same day that one of her Instagram posts went live, claiming to be 22 years old.

Bryson Stott’s Sister Breauna Is On UNLV Cheer Team

Breauna Stott is a member of the UNLV 2022–2023 cheerleading squad.

The front walkover through the layout and the subsequent roundoff is her go-to stunt maneuvers. Bre needed stitches after receiving a punch to the face in the year 2019.

Brennen, her other brother, is employed by Eights and formerly by Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa & Casino. Additionally, he declares that February 24 is his birthday.

Breauna is the main cheerleader for UNLV.
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Her parents were both avid athletes who played sports in high school and are still involved in athletics now. Where her mother Shana was the cheerleading coach, while her father Derek played quarterback for the school’s football team. The quarterback for the school’s football squad was Derek.

Given that her mother was once a teacher and that Breauna looks up to her as a role model, her mother serves as a mentor and educator for her and her siblings.

Breauna loves travelling to new places during her vacation
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For the past three years, her mother has served as the program’s director. In order to put students back on track to graduate from high school, this program offers them a second chance to succeed in the coursework they were required to complete during their first two years of high school.

Bill and Jackie Hyatt, Breauna’s grandparents, adored her dearly and always considered her to be their favorite grandchild. She enjoys visiting other locations, and her Instagram is packed with images of her exploring new locales, sampling local cuisine, and donning local garb.

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