Coach Mike Shooting In Lancaster Texas, Aqib Talib Gun Clips Has A Reaction

Mike Hickmon was a coach of Pee Wee football

Mike Hickmon reportedly was shot and killed during a youth football game in Lancaster, Texas. A video of a fight that leaked on social media sparked several suspicions and speculative claims.

According to several sources, Aqib Talib and his brother were reportedly involved in the murder.

Aqib Talib was a cornerback in American football. He enrolled at the University of Kansas, receiving unanimous All-American honors, before being selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft.

Coach Mike Shooting In Lancaster Texas

Pee Wee football coach Mike Hickmon sadly passed away in Lancaster, Texas, following injuries suffered from a gunshot. He belonged to Dragon Elite Academy.


Many people express their sorrow at his passing and pray to his family. According to several websites, he allegedly instructed his son when a fight broke out between some other adults.

He was then killed by gunfire in the middle of the field. There are rumors that his child saw his father's death.

A group of people is seen fighting at the scene in a video that has surfaced online. In the background, there are numerous gunshots audible.

Yaqub Talib, Aqib Talib's brother, is reportedly involved in the shooting. However, the relevant authorities haven't released an official statement about the occurrence. 

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Aqib Talib Gun Clips Surfaced Online

A video allegedly shows Aqib Talib and his brother catching a body. According to witnesses, Talib is the one who pulled the trigger.

As shown in the clips, coach Hickmon and Talib are in disagreement. Later, gunshots are heard, causing widespread pain.

After hearing the gunshots, the players practicing on the field ran. We can see someone else hitting something like a cone or something at Mike, yet the initial finger of guilt was pointed at Aqib, the man in the bucket hat.

Early evidence indicates that Aqib did not kill the coach. According to witnesses on the scene, Yaqub, the man with the black hoodie, is said to have fired the shots.

There is a video of the shooting online, and people are using Twitter to share both the news and the video.

Was Aqib Talib Arrested?

On Twitter, there are rumors going around that Aqib Talib was responsible for the death of Mike Hickmon. Additionally, evidence indicates that Talib didn't kill the coach.


Although there has been no official confirmation, this rumor has concerned many of his supporters. Some claim that he was detained, while others counter that it is still unclear whether or not he was involved in the incident.

Some persons who asserted to have heard from the witnesses claim that Yaqub, Aqib's brother, fired the shot that killed the coach.

However, before drawing judgments, netizens may need to wait for the authorities to offer correct information.

Coach Mike Hickmon Wife

Mike Hickmon led a quiet lifestyle. Therefore, there aren't many information gaps regarding his family on the internet.


Mike appeared to be married to his wife and the father of his son. The coach has, regrettably, kept his wife's identity a secret.

The sudden death of the coach, Mike, is currently being grieved by the Hickmon family. The family has not spoken out about the incident in the media.

There are reports that his child witnessed his father's passing. Police are looking into the shooting that resulted in Coach Mike's death due to the actions of the force.

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