Ultramarathon Runner Courtney Dauwalter Husband Kevin Schmidt Runs In Bear 100 Race

Courtney Dauwalter husband Kevin Schmidt runs in the bear 100-mile race across Utah. Kevin is a software engineer by profession.

Courtney and Kevin met through friends and married back in 2015 at Courtney’s parents’ house. It was an outdoor wedding with a food truck and yard games. Courtney’s first-ever ultramarathon was in 2011, and she went on to win her first ultramarathon in 2014. It was only in 2017 she took on trail running as a full-time profession.

Dauwalter is from Hopkins, Minnesota, where she spent the majority of her early life cross-country skiing. Her alma mater is the University of Denver, where she studied Biology. She was a middle school science teacher before being known as “the woman who outruns men.”

Courtney Dauwalter Husband Kevin Schmidt Ran In Bear 100

Courtney Dauwalter husband Kevin Schmidt ran in the 21st Annual Bear 100 in Utah, where Dauwalter crewed him.

Bear 100 is a hundred-mile Endurance run that spans Logan, Utah, to Fish Haven. It has a 36-hour time limit to be completed. It has 6701 meters of climb and an average elevation of 2300. According to organizers, about one-third of the participants quit due to injury or continuing difficulty.

Bear 100 is an ultramarathon because it is longer than a regular marathon of 26.2 miles. It is four times longer than a regular marathon.

Courtney and Kevin run a trail together as pictured by Max Romey.
Source : instagram

Usually, Kevin is seen crewing the ultrarunner Dauwalter, but in his ultramarathon in 2019’s Bear 100, Courtney learned what it is like to be behind the scenes of such marathons as she crewed him with his friends. Crewing means supporting the runner on course with sustenance and care at aid stations.

Kevin finished at 27 hours and 53 minutes and was placed in the 62nd position out of 334 participants. To complete the Bear 100, Kevin used a strategy suggested by a friend to start slow and fade out.

Kevin’s four-point rule, which he used to complete Bear 100, was to look, feel good, and at last, safe. The start went pretty smoothly for Kevin, but around 3 am at night, it started downpouring while he was still out on the trail. The rain turned the difficult trail into a mudbath, making it hard to keep going.

There is no such thing as being overprepared; before his Ultramarathon, Kevin had started packing two weeks earlier, obsessing over his gear to improve his odds.

Kevin and Courtney at Bear Chase Trail in 2021.
Source : instagram

In Salmon TV’s short film, which documented his and Courtney’s experience, he joked as the trail got difficult to continue; the look on his face must have been nothing sort of spectacular. He further added that it felt like fighting with everything that was left.

Although, as per Courtney, Kevin has decided that running was not his thing, he fell in love with the community that makes up Ultrarunning and decided to join a 50K first. Courtney has joked that it might have to do something with tater tots and bacon at aid stations.

Kevin pushed through for his last few miles and took off to complete the Bear 100. After talking about his experience afterward and why he did it, Kevin exclaimed with a big grin, “I ran 100 miles.” He added that the ultramarathon communities were so easy to fall in love with and cool. Finally, he claimed it was a cool adventure and why not try it?

Kevin Crewed Courtney During Her Running

Kevin helps as one of the chief crew at aid stations in Courtney’s several courses.

Dauwalter is one of the most prominent trails running athletes who have run extremes like 200 miles.

The ultramarathon runner’s success is not only hers alone, behind her success, but Kevin also plays a huge role in the management of all of the logistics in her runs. He gets out on the trail with Courtney to pace her to ensure she is running at the desired speed.

Kevin helping out Courtney with her gear during the Colarado Trail in summer of 2020.
Source : instagram

Kevin also helps her plan and figure out the course she takes on, along with taking care of her nutrition. His crewing duties aren’t just limited to this. During her 2012 Rabbit Run 100, Kevin came prepared with a joke sheet to keep her entertained while pacing her. Courtney has complimented Kevin on being methodical.

Being a crew member means he must also run miles with Courtney to help her. The duo runs miles together after Kevin gets off work. While Courtney takes on the trails, Kevin is always on the go and needs to keep up with her to aid her.

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