Is Boris Johnson Hair Dresser Pregnant? Canadian Girl Claims On Twitter

According to rumors, a Canadian hairdresser has been sent back to her native country after being accused of being pregnant by Boris Johnson.

Since taking office in 2019, Boris Johnson’s premiership has been marked by a series of scandals. Throughout his two and a half years in office, the prime minister has attempted to weather every storm, from “Pestminster” to “Wallpapergate.”

For the first time in months, English hairstylists warned against expecting to see Boris Johnson controlling his wild thatch.

Did Boris Johnson Get Hair Dresser Pregnant? – Canadian Girl Claims On Twitter

Rumor has it that Boris Johnson’s Canadian hairdresser is pregnant, that he is to blame, and that the accusations against him are mounting.

Rumor has it that a Canadian hairdresser has been exiled to her own country after Boris Johnson accused her of being pregnant.

Boris Johnson’s premiership has been marred by a slew of scandals since he took office in 2019. The prime minister has endeavored to weather every storm throughout his two and a half years in power, from Pestminster to Wallpapergate.

English hairdressers cautioned against expecting to see Boris Johnson manage his wild thatch for the first time in months.

 Boris Johnson Allegations and Accusations Details

This week’s crises surrounding the Downing Street Christmas party and the redecoration of his apartment have clearly accused Boris Johnson of lying. The prime minister’s purportedly most egregious instances of dishonesty and rumors of getting a hairdresser pregnant.

One of the most enduring lies Johnson has told was the assertion made on the Vote Leave campaign bus that the £350 million we give to the EU each week should instead be used to “support our NHS.”

Despite a revolt by his own MPs over the Partygate scandal, Boris Johnson is still holding onto his position of authority.

The entire fiasco is a prime illustration of why we want rigorous, unbiased media. Without the Guardian’s and our peers’ media coverage, we wouldn’t be aware that Johnson had broken the law while in office.There would have been no police fines and no independent investigation. 

Who Is Boris Johnson’s, Hair Dresser?

Over the years, Boris Johnson has worked with a number of different stylists.

It’s rumored that he visited The Bay Room in Angel, north London, to get his hair cut off while serving as the UK’s Foreign Secretary.

The shop owner reportedly informed the Sun tabloid that the lawmaker was getting his hair cut as little as once every two and a half to three months.

But it’s believed that after he was elected prime minister, he left the business. choosing a hairstylist local to you instead. The Prime Minister reportedly had his hair cut off in 2019 at the Funky Barber in west London after the owner yelled at him to get it done.

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