What Did Kathy Barnette Say On Her Twitter? See Her Controversial Comments On Religion & LGBTWQ Community

Many people are confused about whether Kathy Barnette posted Homophobic tweets or not. Let’s find more about her below in this article.

Kathy Barnette is a conservative political pundit, former adjunct professor of corporate finance, and sought-after conference speaker.

She is running for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania, taking against Washington, D.C.

Barnette calls herself an America First candidate, a term that is frequently connected with Trump’s program and politicians who claim to support Trump’s agenda.

She has also campaigned on limiting her time in the United States Senate to two terms and promising that neither she nor her husband will buy or trade individual stocks.

Did Kathy Barnette Post Homophobic Tweets?

Kathy Barnette’s tweets have surfaced on the Internet including homophobic and Islamophobic sentiments.

Former President Donald Trump’s acting national intelligence director Richard Grenell reposted the tweets, and like Trump, is a backer of Barnette’s opponent Mehmet Oz.

According to abc27, Grenell released Barnette’s tweets from 2013 to 2020, including one from Barnette’s account in 2013 that reads, “Please PRAY for my babies and me.” We’re driving to California and there’s a gay female…” followed by a deactivated Facebook link.

Barnette has made multiple remarks on Islam on Twitter, including one in 2015 that said “Pedophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam” and another in 2017 that said, “Islam is a theocracy, should be banned from the United States.” Slavery, Terrorism, and” is adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond’s book, followed by a Facebook link. The book’s full title is “Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam.”

Find Kathy Barnette Religion

Kathy Barnette is a devout Christian.

Despite the fact that the tweets are still accessible on her personal Twitter account, Pennsylvania Senate candidate Kathy Barnette denied asserting that pedophilia was the “cornerstone of Islam” on Thursday.

Barnette has a long history of anti-Islam tweets, some of which allege that former President Barack Obama is a “Muslim,” and at least one of which asks for the religion to be outlawed in the United States.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, the Republican Senate candidate Barnette must defeat on Tuesday to secure the nomination, is a Turkish Muslim. Barnette hasn’t mentioned his faith, and Oz hasn’t publicly chastised her tweets.

What Is Kathy Barnette Ethnicity?

Kathy was born on September 6, 1971, and is 50 years old. Her ethnicity has not yet been established. She is an American citizen.

Kathy is quite open about her mother’s personal life, although she has never divulged her mother’s whereabouts.

For the time being, we may reasonably assume that her mother, wherever she is, is praying for her child’s happiness and prosperity.

Mamie Jo decides on her mother and father. Kathy was reared entirely by her mother. Republican candidate Kathy Barnette’s mother, Mamie Jo, is a strong woman who reared her daughter on her own.

Is Kathy Barnette On Wikipedia?

Kathy Barnette doesn’t have an official Wikipedia page to her name.

Barnette graduated from Troy State University with a bachelor’s degree and Fontbonne University with a master’s degree.

She has worked as a political pundit and an adjunct professor of corporate finance in the past. She spent ten years in the United States Army Reserve.

Kathy enthusiastically served her nation in the Armed Forces Reserves for ten years, when she was admitted into Officer Candidacy School.

She worked in corporate America for two big financial firms and served on the board of a pregnancy crisis center for five years.

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