Do Not Try Ligature Over Head Online Challenge, A Look Into Archie Battersbee Case

Do Not Try Ligature Over Head Online Challenge as it may have caused Archie Battersbee braindead.

ARCHIE BATTERSBEE was placed in a coma following a “freak accident,” the cause of which has been linked to a Tiktok challenge.

When news of Archie Battersbee went popular on the internet, the famed Logiature over head online challenge on Tiktok became a contentious subject.

What is Do Not Try Ligature Over Head Online Challenge?

Ligature over head is a new Tiktok challenge that connects to the Passout Challenge, which went popular in 2021. 

Ligature is often accomplished by wrapping something around the neck and applying pressure from a “tie-off” point.

A patient, for example, may tie off to somewhere lower, even the floor, and then lean away from the ligature point.

This challenge is potentially dangerous and life-threatening. Unfortunately, most of the news on the internet is about people who attempt these feats and end up with disabilities or even death.

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Did Archie Battersbee Become Brain Dead ?

Archie Battersbee is currently in a life-or-death scenario as a result of the accident that occurred when he attempted the challenge.

Doctors claim that sections of Archie’s brain are dead and decomposing, and that his “hope of recovery is quite low.”

Archie Battersbee was found with a ligature around his neck. His mother initially stated that they assumed it was an unusual accident, but she later stated that it could have been some sort of internet challenge.

She also mentioned receiving a phone call from someone who said they had heard of boys wearing ligatures over their heads as part of an internet challenge.

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