Who Is Elisa Fuliano? CrossFit Athlete Performance And Details On The Tournament Explained

Elisa Fuliano is a professional CrossFit athlete who has played many national games from an early age.

This modern generation is full of busy people, and fitness is a dream for most people. Everyone wants a flat belly and an attractive, curve shredded body. Elis is one fitness model that helps people improve their body and provide tips &tricks.

Since From her childhood, she has been interested in becoming an athlete. Later on, when Fuliano grew up, she chose CrossFit as her profession. She worked hard to become to achieve her dreams into reality.

Elisa got a chance to play her first national women’s CrossFit Competition in 2021, where she could secure 306th position worldwide. She achieved the 86th position in Europe and secured the third in Italy.

let’s learn about Elisa Fuliano’s Wikipedia and age detail in this article

Who Is Elisa Fuliano?

Elisa Fuliano is a national CrossFit athlete who was able to secure the third position from Italy in National CrossFit Tournament.


Athlete Elisa was born on 1996, and she was raised in Italy. She started her journey in CrossFit to keep her body fit and shredded.

Elisa is currently active in her Instagram account with the name aka @_fulix_  with 12k followers, 959 followings, and 291 posts. Her recent post was uploaded on August 8, 2022.

Stalking on her social media profile, we get to know that the athlete has an excellent shredded body. It seems like Elisa follows a strict diet plan and a heavy workout during her training season.

Moreover, Fuliano has uploaded many pictures of her CrossFit workout on her social media. Looking at her social media picture, everyone can quickly know she is a fitness freak person.

Elisa Fuliano Age: How Old Is Athlete?

Beautiful athlete Elisa Fuliano is currently 26 years old as she was born on 1996.


Starting from her fitness journey, she worked hard to pursue her dreams. She has intense workout training with his coach Matteo Agnello.

It has crossed almost three years since she joined CrossFit. However, she has received a successful result: She secures the 34th position in the quarterfinals in Europe and the 3rd position in Italy at the Open 2022.

Elisa has an excellent personal record in lifting weights. She can attempt a Back Squat of 150 kg, Deadlift 145 kg, Clean and Jerk 110 Kg, and Snatch 85kgs.

Furthermore, the athlete has a good record on deadlift and back squat—there is a high chance to see Fuliano in the upcoming tournament.

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Elisa Fuliano Boyfriend: Is She Dating Anyone?

Well-known athlete Elisa Fuliano has kept her boyfriend anonymous till now.

The Athlete seems focused on her career, as she might not get into the relationship now. She does not want to get distracted in her peak career.

However, we dig to find out about his past relationship on the internet and social media, but currently, there is no data about them.

Elisa has not disclosed her father’s and mother’s names on social media websites. Although we get to know them, she feels so lucky to get such supportive parents in her life. Moreover, there is little information on the internet; it seems like she wants to keep her personal life private from the audience.

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