Fox Sports Commentator Aly Wagner Husband Adam Eyre Was A Soccer Player

Fox Sports Commentator Aly Wagner has been married to her husband, Adam Eyre, for 15 blissful years. Adam is also a former soccer player.

Aly and Adam attended the same college. They were both soccer players who went to play their collegiate career at Santa Clara University and ended up marrying each other. 

After over one and half decades of spending life together as a husband and wife, they have welcomed four adorable kids, triplets & a gorgeous daughter, Griffin, Daeven, Lincoln, and Blake. 

Wagner and Eyre love pampering their babies, and the family of six lives a happy and comfortable life. The pair have successfully balanced their personal and professional life and keeps their well-wishers updated on their lifestyle through social networking sites.

Fox Sports Commentator Aly Wagner Husband Also Played Soccer

Aly Wagner and her husband, Adam Eyre, are both athletes. She married a former soccer player who played for New England Revolution in the MLS.

The Fox Sports commentator and her significant other both attended Santa Clara University. She played with the United States women’s national soccer team, and Adam played for the men’s soccer team.

Aly Wagner and her husband, Adam Eyre, attended a gala together in 2014.
Source : instagram

Eyre also played for MLS Pro-40 on loan, Connecticut Wolves, and Minnesota Thunder before he chose a different career path. The former soccer player joined Wells Fargo Home Mortgage as a Retail Sales Supervisor after retiring from playing football in 2004.

Later in 2013, he worked at PrimeLending as a Producing Manager till 2019 and became Wells Fargo’s sales manager. Almost a year later, he was promoted to Branch Manager at one of the nation’s top mortgage lenders, Wells Fargo, in September 2020. 

A Sneakpeak Into Aly Wagner And Adam Eyre Married Life

Aly walked down the aisle with the love of her life Adam in 2006. They have been happily married for over a decade and a half.

The sports broadcaster and the former soccer player have been through many highs and lows, yet they stuck together and never gave up on their love. Wagner and Eyre will celebrate their 16th anniversary on the 3rd of December, 2022.

 Aly Wagner and Adam Eyre have welcomed four kids over 15 years of their married life.
Source : instagram

The pair are very understanding and supportive of each other and have grown personally and professionally throughout the 16 years of their life as a married couple. The love, trust, and communication they share have helped them embrace their relationship and forever will. 

Aly Wagner Husband Adam Is Father To Triplet Sons And A Daughter

Aly Wagner and her husband, Adam Eyre, are proud parents of four children. The oldest is nine and the youngest is six.

The couple has given life to a triplet and a baby girl, namely Griffin, Daeven, Lincoln, and Blake.

The sports broadcaster is a strong mother who got pregnant with triplets in 2012 and welcomed three healthy boys in August 2013. Griffin, Daeven, and Lincoln turned nine on the 15th of August, 2022.

Furthermore, the pair had their first daughter in 2015, two years after their sons made it to the world. Blake will mark her 7th birthday on the 16th of December, 2022. The siblings are very fun-loving kids and are always playing around together.

Aly Wagner and her husband took their children skiing in 2021. The kids love skiing.
Source : instagram

The trio went to their first day of kindergarten on the 14th of August 2019, and their sister joined her preschool the very day. Later on the 18th of August 2021, the kindergarteners got promoted to second grade, and the preschooler made it to kindergarten. 

Moreover, Wagner’s social media is brimful of her babies’ posts, as she loves sharing the journey of their growth on her Instagram. The former athletes adore and love spoiling their children with numerous toys, from mini playable motorbikes and cars to skateboards, and fulfill their every wish.

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