What Happened To Fabio Jakobsen? Dutch Cyclist On Tour de Francia 2022 Health Update After Accident In 2020

Fabio Jakobsen impressed everyone in Tour De Francia 2022 after coming from an injury due to a nasty accident. He won the sprint race in stage 2. 

After Fabio Jakobsen’s horrendous accident in the Poland Tour in 2020, not many thought he would ever compete at the world-class level again. But the cyclist defied the odds and made his first appearance in the Tour De France in 2022. 

Not only did he participate in the tournament, but the cyclist also won the sprint finish in stage 2. It was his first ever win in the Tour De France. 

There was a time when Jakobsen thought he would die or never get to race again. But he was a fighter, and boy did he fight alright. 

Fabio Jakobsen Accident And Health Update: What Happened To The Cyclist?

Fabio Jakobsen went through a terrible accident in 2020. 

Moreover, the accident occurred during the Tour of Poland. It was one of the first races after the pandemic, and Jakobsen was eager to get back to cycling. So, he decided to participate in the Poland tour. 

It was the second day of stage finish in Katowice when Fabio Jakobsen and Dylan Groenewegen went toe-to-toe. They were both at 80 kilometers per hour speed when the latter deviated and hit Jakobsen’s cycle. 

As a result, the Dutch cyclist went into the barriers, making them fall apart. He later landed on a UCI commissaire, both of whom were injured. The commissaire broke many ribs, but had he not been there, the cyclist would have had a more severe outcome. 

He was later kept in an induced coma and suffered extensive injuries to his head. The injuries included brain contusion, hairline fractures in the skull, broken palate, losing parts of the upper, losing ten teeth and lower jawbone, cuts to the face, broken thumb, bruised shoulder, and damage to the main nerves of the vocal cords, and also a lung contusion.

As of now, Jakobsen is excellent and competing at the top level. 

Fabio Jakobsen Tour De Francia 2022 Participation: Apology to Dylan Groenewegen

Fabio Jakobsen had a wonderful time on the Tour De Francia 2022. 

The first time participating in the tournament, the cyclist went to win the sprint finish in stage 2. Also, in stage 17, his teammates cheered him to complete the mountain ride as he completed it within the allocated time. However, he did become unconscious for a short time after reaching the finish line. 

Furthermore, Jakobsen also buried his ghosts from the past by apologizing to Dylan Groenewegen. He often blamed Dylan for his accident in 2020 but recently apologized for his comments. 

May he find all the success he so deserves. 


Fabio Jakobsen Girlfriend And Partner: Is He Married?

Fabio Jakobsen is in a relationship but has yet to tie the marital knot. 

The Dutch cycling star has been dating Delores Tougje for a long time. The couple was together even before his accident in 2020. She was the first person he saw when he came out of the coma. 

Despite the accident and all the hard times, Delores always supported and was there for him. So, the cyclist never misses an opportunity to praise his girlfriend. 

Furthermore, the 25-year-old doesn’t have any children until now.

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